img_20160717_160839Surprise! I sewed another dress! ;) And because I get asked a lot, here’s the explanation at the beginning of the post. I like sewing! And especially I like sewing dresses. That’s why I do it so much ;) To me sewing is about the process itself not about having and wearing lots of beautiful dresses. So when I want to sew a dress I don’t really ask myself how this dress should look to fit into my wardrobe, most of the time I don’t even ask myself if I really need another dress. Continue reading

A Bikini and Underwear

img_20160505_162456The journey continues :) After the Watson Bra success I decided to make some swimwear from that pattern, too. I mean, I really like the shape and I knew it would fit me well,so why not! The sewing process was quick and not that hard. I bought some swimwear lining, which is super elastic and thin and a metal closure. The widest one I could find was 25mm wide, so I had to redraw the centre back of the band, which is a lot wider, as I decided to sew the Watson Bra variation with the wide band. Continue reading

Emery Dress the Second

img_20160703_124522As announced in my post on my first attempt on the Emery Dress pattern, I adapted the pattern’s bodice a lot and sewed a second version. I had problems with a gaping neckline and some weird sitting bust darts at the first attempt. I wore this dress three times since I showed it here and already the fabric is starting to unravel itself at the bust darts stitching. Also the gaping of the front neckline really annoys me and I don’t think this dress will last until next summer, maybe it will not even last this summer. Continue reading

Today I’m carrying some watermelons..

img_20160626_165119Well, I’m not really carrying them, I’m wearing them. But as the German word for carrying is the same as the one for wearing, this is a super funny pun in German, you just have to believe me ;) It would even be better, if I had actually seen Dirty Dancing. Shame on me: I haven’t! Now it’s out. But I can make good for that! I have a new dress to show off! And yes, it is over and over with pieces of watermelons! I bought it at the end of summer last year and as this obviously is a fabric for a summer dress I waited til recently to turn it into a dress. Continue reading

OAL 2016: Zinone and Chataigne

img_20160619_162713It is June and it is Outfit Along! Like in the last 2 years, I’m participating. same procedure as every year, you have to knit one garment and to sew one garment and thus create an outfit. The knitting part is organized by Andi , the sewing part is handled by Lauren. Each of them picks a pattern and provides a Craft Along giving tips and helping to create the outfit. In the last two years the suggested sewing pattern was a dress, the suggested knitting pattern was a Cardigan. You didn’t have to pick the suggested patterns, and I didn’t. Continue reading

Emery Dress

img_20160612_160649Last I week I mentioned that I gave the Emery Dress Pattern a try! Well here it is! I thought a lot about buying this pattern for the last two years. The thing is that there is nothing special about it and I really don’t like the product pictures of this dress. Looks ultra conservative to me. But there are so many adorably cute version out there in the Internet. The dress features horizontal and vertical bust darts, vertical back darts at the top and the bottom of the bodice, a fitted bodice and flared, gathered skirt and sleeves, either short or 3/4 length. Continue reading

Frida La Catrina Cambie Dress

img_20160528_185451Hola todos! :) I bought some fabric. Well that’s not news right?! But this fabric really is special! I bought it at a fabric market that takes place here in Karlsruhe twice a year. It was raining lot when I visited it, but at least it wasn’t crowded. And so I had time to really look at all the beautiful fabrics and so I found this beautiful fabric at a stall that only sells quilting cottons. I normally wouldn’t ahve looked there. It was very high priced, at least for my taste. 18 €/m and only 1.10 m wide. And so I didn’t buy it instantly. I’m German after all! I am penny-wise! Continue reading

Birkin Flares

img_20160502_192024I love sewing jeans. So if some of you thought that it was only a matter of time until I tried the Birkin Flares pattern, they might have been right ;) Those Birkin Flares pop up everywhere right now, but I would have waited with making them. I’m still not sure if I even like Flares and the rise of these pants is really high, not what I’m used to. See the problem is, flared rtw pants always looked stupid on me, because they where too short, like always. I also didn’t fit into high waisted pants, because of my rather wide hips. Continue reading


img_20160505_161146Hello all, I have returned from Iceland. Naturally, you might think, everyone has to return from a holiday someday, but in Iceland I wouldn’t take that for granted, Iceland is different and every year there are tourists who do not return, or at least not alive. Well, I guess Iceland wasn’t made for mammals, and all mammals that live there seem to be imported, human sheep and horses and that’s about it. Sometimes you have whales.. ;) There’s danger in every corner and everything looks an smells so hostile, huge waterfalls, hot steam coming out of the ground smelling of sulfur, volcanoes, cliffs, very cold weather and magma formations as far as the eye can see. No trees, no birds, no noise. Continue reading


img_20160429_131358I feel like I haven’t sewn a dress in years. Or at leas it felt like it ;) As soon as the weather got better I felt the urge to make summer dress. And boy have I made one hell of a summer dress! But that’s not what I have for you today. Before I had this urge I was able to convince myself to sew a plain dress for a change. I took out some lightweight denim that I had in my closet for years and I made a plain dress from it. I’m so proud! Continue reading