img_20150627_191201Last time I sewed the Flora/Elisalex Dress Hack it was still winter. Nevertheless I wore this long sleeved dress last week! Just think about that! It is supposed to be summer here! But that didn’t stop me from sewing summer dresses in May already. I know I made this one in May, because you can see party of it on my ironing board when I took pictures for the MeMadeMay theme “sewing space”. Thankfully the summer came three days ago and I can now show you a real summery dress!


The fabris is from Ikea and it was a bedding once! Until I got it in my fingers! Ha! I was planning on buying some cheap fabric at Ikea, but at that time they didn’t have much of a range! So frustrated as I was I turned on these bed clothes that were on sale and had raspberries on it! Usually I tend not to buy fabrics that have much white in it, I cannot even say way. Maybe its the fear of getting dirty.

img_20150627_191333 img_20150627_191319

Sewing was really fast! The top is from the Elisalex, the skirt from the Flora Dress. I cut both in size 4/8 which is one size smaller than BHL’s charts suggest for me but it fits me great!

img_20150627_191229 img_20150627_191259

I did only line the bodice. Not lining the skirt made the sewing so fast. I only wasted a little time when I had to unpick the skirt’s pleats because they didn’t totally match the princes seams, but apart from set everything went really smooth!

img_20150627_192514 img_20150627_191016

You could say that by paring those too dresses they both lost what was special about them. Oh well. Right now I am just not so into tulip skirts and wrap dresses. And I almost bought a pattern that looked similar to my dress but then remebered this hack and I am very proud. I really like that this dress is kind of simple. That gives me more choices for the fabric, and I love colorful fabrics!!

img_20150627_191245 img_20150627_191454

I have a lot of leftovers from this fabric, from some of it I made pants. For the couch! The pattern i used is German and its called Mama Frida which is a really awful name! I’m still not sure what I’ll do with the fabric that is still unused..

img_20150627_192624Weather is summery now, as i said before. the reason for that is, that I have to work again ;) Starting at my new job today ;) At least I can be sure that I will not freeze, right?! ;)


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– Katharina

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12 thoughts on “FloraLex

  1. Wendi

    It looks great on you!
    I’m going to have to remember both of these tricks as I begin to learn to sew clothing…mixing up patterns, an looking for fabric in unexpected places.
    Great job!

  2. Carolyn

    Your dress is so very pretty! Raspberry fabric, mmm, how lovely. Obviously you had to make it into a summer dress! It was the only thing for it; I understand completely!

  3. Helena

    They always have great prints at IKEA, I think so too! It looks great on you and work picking the pleats out so the seams match in the front. Can’t tell it is a pattern hack at all!

  4. Noelle

    Love your IKEA fabric! Raspberries make a great summer dress. And it’s a great pattern hack – the top & bottom go together perfectly and are so flattering. Glad it’s summery enough to wear it!

  5. Joanna Kostrzewa

    Same here, I usually don’t buy white fabrics, but this Spring I bought two, TWO! white pieces of fabric, both with black small patterns printed all over. Still waiting to be turned into dresses but I think it’ll happen next Spring. ^^*~~
    I love the fabric you used! So what it’s the bedding? *^o^* I have my eyes on one IKEA bedding set, too, and not for my sleeping. Matching different tops and skirts from different dress patterns is fun, I do it all the time! And the pants are so cool.

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thanks Joanna :) Maybe white fabrics are ‘in’ now? I see more and more white dresses pop up on sewing blogs! :) What pants do you mean?