Flowery Belladone

img_20150518_193439I was planning on wearing my racoon belladone to Marvin’s sister’s wedding. But than I ran across another beautiful fabric that was on sale. It is a patchwork fabric just the like the racoon fabric and it only cost ! 10 €/m. It really wasn’t love at first sight. This is not a fabric I would usually buy. I have a phobia against white! When I wear white I am constantly afraid that I could get dirty. And most often I do. I don’t know why, Murphy’s Law or something… But because I kinda was on the look out for a wedding-guest-fabric I gave the fabric a second look and thought that it might just be perfect! He is, isn’t he? When I had the dress ready I felt like I needed to convince Marvin, that this i dress is waaaay better than the other. At some point he agreed, but maybe just to shut me up ;) However, I do really think this dress is waaaay better ;)


When I thought about what pattern to use I had a large skirt in mind! But the fabric is only 1,10m wide… So in the end I decided to at least stick with the pattern and sewed another Belladone. I already knew that 2 m of the fabric will be enough to make one.

img_20150518_193448 img_20150518_193605

I did everything as I did it with the first dress. Didn’t need to change much. Sewed size 38 and took in 1 additional cm on each side seam. Could have changed the pattern last time I realized the bodice was too wide but I simply forget (and I haven’t done it yet, just too lazy ;)

img_20150518_193658 img_20150518_193707

I just bias tape for finishing the raw edges. I sewed it inside the dress, so that you don’t see it from the outside. I really hate making bias tape. That’s why I am always using bought tape. But it is soo stiff and ugly. I thing I need to just sit here one weekend and make tons of bias tape myself to get it over with!

img_20150518_193452 img_20150518_193624

The pattern’s instructions are okay, not totally clear, but okay. It is for example not mentioned that the waistband seams have to be pressed and if they have to be pressed up or down. But the pattern is intermediate and if you are an intermediate sewer you can figure that out by yourself, nor problem :)

img_20150518_193543 img_20150518_193531

I didn’t have matching shoes! Can you imagine?! How what that have looked, going to a wedding without matching shoes! So luckily I bought me a new pair! Gorgeous, right?!

img_20150518_193806 img_20150518_193820

At first I thought I needed to knit another matching cardigan! But look, the old one, made for the racoon dress, matches! yay! I am a little annoyed that there are racoons on the left side of my button bands. Next time I should stabilize them with something more neutral. But whatever!

img_20150518_193526 img_20150518_193831

The wedding was a delight! Really touching and beautiful and all! You can check out my Me Made May Round-Up of last week to check whether I was actually wearing this outfit ;) Right now I am on my way to Italy for two weeks, yay, vacation! I’m not sure if I am going to blog during the next two weeks, don’t expect to hear much from me. Not that I wouldn’t have some things to show, like my new bikinis for example ;)


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8 thoughts on “Flowery Belladone

  1. Joanna Kostrzewa

    White is also not my first choice when I buy fabric for dresses although last month I bought two very white fabrics with only some black small patterns printed all over and I still don’t know what to turn it into, I have no idea why I wanted this fabric…… *^v^*
    I love your dress, the back opening is really interesting.
    As for the bias tape, do you use the cotton one or the shiny silky one? I found out that the satina or whatever it is shiny bias tape is much softer and switched to this one. The cotton really is stiff and even though sometimes I like this effect (on the hem of the skirt), the silky tape is much softer and flowing.
    Have a great time on your holidays, yikes! *^O^*

  2. Carolyn

    Your dress is so cute Katharina!! I actually love white fabrics with a passion, and have far too much of it in my wardrobe and my stash too. Whoops!
    I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding :)

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thank you so much Carolyn :) I think this was the first white fabric I bought, I’m all about bright and colorful fabrics that do not match anything :D

  3. Kathrin

    Hey Katharina,
    dein Kleid ist echt schön, sowie das ganze Outfit zusammen mit Schuhen und passendem Jäckchen! Hast du echt super hingekriegt, es passt ja perfekt! :) Ich finde es übrigens auch schöner als das andere Kleid, zumindest für die Hochzeit :)
    Liebe Grüße, Kathrin

  4. Kathrin

    Hey Katharina,
    habe gerade schon einmal geschrieben, kann es nun aber nicht mehr sehen, also vielleicht hast jetzt zwei Comments von mir! :) Mir gefällt das Kleid super gut, für eine Hochzeit ist es sicher toll! Ich glaube auch besser als das Waschbärkleid ;) obwohl das auch hübsch ist. Das mit der Angst vor weißen Stoffen kann ich echt gut verstehen, so geht es mir auch immer – ich denke die bekommen schnell Flecken und sehen dann bald nicht mehr schön aus. Aber ich glaube mit Muster geht es sicher!
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Urlaub! Und lass vom schönen Wetter noch was für uns später übrig :)

    1. Katharina Post author

      Hey Kathrin! Der Kommentar ist angekommen. Aber wenn mir jemand zum ersten Mal kommentiert muss ich den Kommentar erst freigeben. Das heißt, dass dein nächster Kommentar dann direkt erscheint, weil ich schonmal einen von dir freigegeben habe! Danke für die netten Worte :) Das war jetzt echt das erste Mal, dass ich mich dazu durchringen konnte mir überhaupt einen Stoff mit weiß zu kaufen :D