Gillian Wrap Dress

IMG_2283This week there is a theme at the German Me MadeMittwoch (Mittwoch is the word for Wednesday). The theme is wrap dress. And although I knew that this theme day would come I didn’t bother sewing the wrap dress I planned on sewing a while ago until this sunday. So when I realized that the theme day will bis this Wednesday I finally sewed the Gillian Wrap Dress. I knew that I needed this dress, since I saw Karin’s. She is always sewing such beautiful wrap dresses. I also saw this dress in real life on Susanne at a bloggers meeting in Stuttgart. A lot of people seem to be infected with this pattern and I haven’t heard anything but praises to this dress. I just recently sewed the ultimate Wrap Dress pattern, and I wanted to make some more, but I was so excited about the pattern and the mysterious way the hole in the side seem is made, that I bought the pattern and sewed me a Gillian Dress.


The pattern consists of a lot of pieces, really A LOT! And it needs a lot of fabric. Unfortuneately there a no lengthening/shortening lines in the pattern. As usual if the lengthening isn’t that easy. I lengthened the body for 4 cm and cut the longer skirt version, that is meant to end underneath the knees.

IMG_2306 IMG_2308

It took quite some time to make this dress. At least for a knit dress! But it was fun and really worth my time. I loved the instructions and time flew by ;)

IMG_2311 IMG_2314The hole turns out really neat, or at least neater than in other wrap dress pattern. I am not as excited about it as others, this is not the reinvented wheel (or hole ;)) but I like it.

IMG_2318 IMG_2321

The fit is great! I didn’t alter anything except for the length and the dress fits perfect! :) The sizes names are according to the bust circumference you have. So I chose size 34 as my bust circumference is 34 “. I’m glad the waist band is actually in the waist, because I didn’t test if a really needed 4cm  lengthening, that is just my usual number.

IMG_2328 IMG_2330

I bought the fabric at the fabric market in Karlsruhe. There was one dutch guy who sold knits for 6€/m. And they were of a real good quality (this one is a Stenzo, if that rings a bell). And no one was there, only me, I bought about 6 fabrics ;)

IMG_2336 IMG_2281

Okay, I have to admit that the color of the fabric really kind of  takes getting used to it ;) I am not a huge fan of orange. But this fabric seemed so perfect for a wrap dress that I couldn’t let this offer pass! :) And I have bought even worse fabrics at this dutch fellow’s stand. One is yellow and has peacocks on it ;)


I’m gonna show this dress at this weeks

sewandshowSee you there :)

For everyone who is interested in that German Me Made Mittwoch click here. I bet you can see a lot of Gillian wrap dresses there :)


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8 thoughts on “Gillian Wrap Dress

  1. Kim

    I really love your version! I bought that pattern recently after trying the Jenna Cardi, but haven’t tried it yet. The orange print is perfect!!! I wish I lived in Germany, or I could visit someday. There seems to be more interest in sewing than here in the U.S. Our sewing magazines consist of “How to make placemats”

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thank you so much :) I always thought that there is more interest in sewing in the U.S. than here. I mean have have Vogue and McCalls and much more bloggers than the EU has. We don’t have great magazines here either I think. At least I do not like them. I think I have to go to the US to find out if you’re right! :D

  2. Alexa

    I love this dress on you. I’ve been eyeing up the Gillian dress for a while now, your version may tip me over into buying it!

  3. Hana @ Velvet Ribbon

    Hello Katharina, only now found your blog and followed you through Bloglovin’
    You have such a beautiful creation and especially this dress is so nicely done :) Can not wait to see your future projects xx