img_20150906_121042Finally it is cold enough here to start thinking about wearing jeans again! And speaking of which: I made another pair of Ginger Jeans, yay! Since I made my first ones I’m obsessed wit this pattern and I don’t think I will try another Jeans pattern in the near future, it seems to be made for my lower body and the instructions are just great! Like with my ginger Gingers I sewed the low rise view A of the pattern in size 8 but made the legs skinny.


I bought the fabric in the internet at a German Shop. The fabric is partly plastic (apart from the 3 % elasthane) but I couldn’t resist that print. Also that makes the fabric very lightweight, which is nice for warmer temperatures.

img_20150906_121117 img_20150906_121058

I used yellow topstitching thread and I’m not sure if that was the wisest decision, because it is very contrasting. I was afraid the Jeans would like like Jegiings if I used blue topstitching thread and there is always a voice in my head hen it comes to topstitching saying that a thread colour you don’t see isn’t worthwhile. And I think that voice is a little right and so I used yellow thread. I think I might use some minor contrasting thread when I am over that excitement that I can actually sew fitting jeans.

img_20150906_121146 img_20150906_121126

But right now I couldn’t have bare the thought that no one can really see that gorgeous stitching on the back pockets! That is were I let my whole creativity unravel: backpocketstitching :D I actually recently photographed some lady’s butt because I liked her back pocket embellishment so much.. must have looked funny. But This one was totally my own idea :)

img_20150906_125813 img_20150906_125829

The pants looks nice from the inside too. I again didn’t dare to make the seams flat felled, but at least I found some pretty fabric for the inside waist band and pockets. It is a left over from a dress I made for Marvin’s mother. I still haven’t convinced here to let me take some photos of it for the blog, but let me tell you that it turned out beautiful :)

img_20150906_121151-1 img_20150906_121048

After the legs were ready to be sewn together I basted everything together to check the fit as Heather is recommending it inthe Sew Along and this time the pants fit well, yay :)

img_20150906_121028 img_20150906_121220

The Shirt is a Kimono Tee that everyone sewed here in Germany. There is actually an etra blog collection all of the versions that were made this summer. So I’m sparing you the details of the destructions. Not that there would be much to say anyway.


And that’s it! Not much to say about the pattern as this is the third time I’ve made it and it will definitely not be the last :) If you want more details on my alterations and especially on my lengthening check out my first Ginger.


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6 thoughts on “Ginger

  1. Lisa

    Super, super cute pair of jeans! You’ve definitely got the fit of this pattern down pat! Awesome topstitching and back pocket stitching. Love the skinny leg version! :)

  2. Monserratt Lopez

    Kat! That pair fo Gingers is so very lovely!! All of it, the fabric, the fit, the top stitching, the insides and the pockets! :)
    I’m follwoing the pants fitting class on craftsy and I believe I will give this pattern a new try. I hope it works well. ;)

    I’d love to have a pair of beautiful Gingers like yours! <3

  3. Caroline

    Amazing! These look so professional and I love the design on the back pocket. Fantastic work there!
    My favourite RTW jeans are about to fall to pieces – maybe I should sew my own Ginger jeans next?

  4. Carolyn

    These look totally wonderful, you’ve nailed that fit,a nd of course you have a terrific figure that shows off the pattern beautifully. I LOVE the contrasting topstitching thread!