Ginger Jeans Camas Blouse

img_20160402_170734After finishing my wedding dress I felt the strong urge to finally make jeans again! I really like all the topstitching and all those little details you like hammering in rivets and embroidering back pockets. That is actually the most fun to me, embroidering back pockets. Also I have a lot of denim fabrics in my fabric closet because I keep on buying them, forgetting about the ones I already have, so sewing jeans is kind of a stash buster to me :)After having in phase were I only bought colorful and “special” denim fabrics I finally settled on buying plain blue fabrics. Plain blue jeans are what i wear the most and thus I needed needed new ones for some time now. I bought this fabric at a fabric market and the only thing i know about it is that its dyed with Indigo. I guess it has about 3-4 % spandex, but I’m not sure about that.


Although you might have guessed yet, I’ll mention it. Those are Ginger-Jeans. Since I’ve first sewn this pattern I haven’t made any other jeans pattern until now, and I’m not planning to do so. I haven’t changed anything about this pattern that isn’t length-related and it fits me so great. I Sewed size 8, again. This time I chose the wider leg but again the lower waist. Think I’ll try the high one soon :)

img_20160402_170620 img_20160402_170625

I worked through the sew along, although i don’t really need it anymore. I also basted the pants together after attaching the front pockets, to check the size. It was fine. If you want more details on my experiences with this pattern you can click here.

img_20160402_170629 img_20160402_170634

There is nothing special about this version. This time I made the waistband facing from denim too and as usual I interfaced the waist band.

img_20160214_133737 img_20160214_133749

The right leg is twisting a little. It always does. Think that is somehow related with the shape of that leg or whatever. I cut on grain, I’m sure of that pus I always have this problem. I’m thinking about maybe cutting a little off grain so that this twisting might not happen… Maybe next time..

img_20160214_133908 img_20160214_133815

I used Goldafil topstitching thread, I really really like their thread!

img_20160214_133717 img_20160402_170704

I used red thread as a contrast and I like the way that turned out, I also serged with red thread.

img_20160402_170700 img_20160214_133655

So much for those pants!

img_20160214_133700 img_20160214_133642

The top I’m wearing is a Camas Blouse. I bought the pattern on the Black Friday Sale when every patter over at Thread Theory was available for half price! I wasn’t aware back then that this blouse is supposed to be sewn from a knit fabric.

img_20160402_170524 img_20160402_170556

I sewed size 6 and I think the blouse fits me well. I used some knit fabric that was hiding deep down in my fabric closet because I knew sewing it would be nerve wracking. And it truly was. The fabric shifted like mad. I really cannot say anything about the quality of the pattern. Chances are I simply hated it because of this freaking fabric! But I will try the pattern again and tell you how it went :)

img_20160402_170531 img_20160214_133614

I’m not super pleased with how the blouse turned out. Nor am I disappointed. The fabric does have a nice drape to it and I like the birds on it :)

img_20160214_133525 img_20160214_133520

The Buttons are sewn through all layers of fabrics, meaning that there are not button holes. The instructions give you the hint to simply sew the front facings together, but that didn’t work out for me with this fabric and so I finished the facings separately and sewed the buttons through both facings.


Nothing more to say except: have a nice day and thanks for reading :)


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16 thoughts on “Ginger Jeans Camas Blouse

  1. Hana

    Well done on the jeans! Love the details, especially the pockets embroideries. So sorry that you didn’t like the blouse very much, actually it is a lovely blouse and look comfortable to wear. Maybe you can try to use a bit more solid fabric next time :)
    Love your new hair as well :)

  2. Heather

    interesting to hear you say the right leg seam twists on your jeans – it does to me too. I thought I had cut them off grain. Now I think perhaps its a fault in the pattern. I have to say, the skinny high waist ones don’t do it at all, so I’d recommend trying that one!

  3. Noelle

    Cute outfit! The jeans look great – you’re a pro now. The shirt is one I’ve thought about trying so I’ll stay tuned for your additional review. Cute haircut too!

  4. Lisa

    Cute outfit and I like the top too! Thought the jeans pocket detail looked like a bird in flight, then realized your shirt was birds in flight! It’s always interesting to see the design details you incorporate and liked the red contrast color and serger color you used here. Your new haircut is cute too! :)

  5. Monserratt

    Ohhhh Kat, I love that combo!!
    The Jeans you made look perfect!!
    I have been wanting to make a Camas blouse for a long time now. Every version I see is just gorgeous. Too bad you didn’t love that fabric, because it does hava a beautiful color, print and drape. It looks just gorgeous!! <3


  6. Carolyn

    You are so good with your jeans, and you look terrific in them too! so it’s well worth making a few pairs. I really like them with your new top too. I love it with the birds printed all over; so pretty. :) Have you had a hair cut?!!