Jedediah and Tom

img_20150510_173948Amelie infected me! She plans on sewing every month at least one garment for her boyfriend. How kind is that? Marvin has been asking for quite some time for a new pair of shorts and so I decided to make him shorts! Since I don’t go shopping for clothes anymore, Marvins doesn’t go either. He’s always telling me that he needs new stuff. Poor Marvin ;) After some Internet research I found that Thread Theory has some beautiful guys patterns!The Jedediah Pants were exactly what Marvin wanted. I bought him some expensive fabric at the fabric flea market in Karlsruhe. For a short instance I thought about using it for myself, because it is of a really neat quality and I just love the color. But in the end my conscious was too bad and I used it for a pair of Jedediahs :)


I measured Marvin and came according to the chart to a size 32. Usually Marvin wears a 33 in pants, but I decided to rely on that chart. I used serger thread for topstitching this time. The color matched soo great! It is just a little thicker than normal thread but not as thick as topstitching thread and therefore I found it just right for those pants.

img_20150510_175826 img_20150510_174126

I started working according to the instructions. They somehow come across kind of messy and I was glad when I found a Sew Along. But only for an instance until I found that most of the photos are missing oO, so I switched back to the instructions.

img_20150510_175927 img_20150510_175904

After assembling the front legs I basted everything together and let Marvin try it on. I was shocked when I saw that the pants were way too tight. Something is wrong with this size chart! This was not a matter of a few Millimeters. I let out as much of the seam allowance as I could an drafted a new waist band. Still, the shorts a a little too tight and the front pockets gap when Marvin is walking.

img_20150510_174148 img_20150510_174008

I’m afraid cutting one size up the next time won’t be enough. And Marvin wasn’t even in between sizes… What ever, I know now for the next time I sew those. Marvin really likes them and there are no real alternatives, so I’m gonna sew them again. I don’t recommend that pattern tho, instructions aren’t that good and the sizing chart isn’t right..

img_20150510_174025The Shirt is a Tom by pattydoo.  I already sewed Marvin 3 shirts from this pattern and this time I made 2. But Marvin is shy, so you only get to see one ;)

img_20150510_173948So, that’s it for today, have a nice day y’all! :)


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6 thoughts on “Jedediah and Tom

  1. Carolyn

    Oh, what a pity the size isn’t right, they look so good! Excellent finishing and construction, really beautifully done. I hope the next pair works out perfectly! :)

  2. Joanna Kostrzewa

    Sorry to hear about the issues with the size… It’s good that Marvin can still wear the trousers because they’re so well fitted and have a nice colour!
    One thing a month for a guy? I might join this party, I have the fabric for another pair of pants for Robert waiting, and he definitely needs some shirts for Summer. *^o^*

  3. Lisa

    Sounds like you worked all the fitting issues out with this pair and are set to go for more. These are so well-made and am so glad they turned out to be wearable for your guy. Great shirt too! I loved everything about this post! Wishing y’all a nice day too! :)

  4. Meike

    You’re both so lucky: Marvin is lucky because you’re making him awesome clothes and you’re lucky because Marvin wears them – even when they’re a bit too tight. My man is so picky, I don’t even try sewing for him. But I look forward to seeing what else you make for the man in your life. x