Kelly in wild!

img_20151104_133057Do you know that situation were you told your grandma that you liked something and afterwards there won’t be a Christmas or birthday where you don’t get that exact thing from her as a present? Well, in that matter, I am my own grandma. There was I time when I thought that a could use one or two more skirts and recently I find myself sewing one skirt after the other in the moment. Not counting this one there are three skirts here waiting to be photographed and I have bought at least two fabrics I want to make skirts from. Well… but I can assure you that this particular skirt I’m showing you now was an absolute necessity. ;)


Do you remember the Brumby Skirt I made from some faux suede? Well, after having completed it, I kind of thought I should have chosen another pattern for the fabric because I somewhere saw a suede skirt with snaps along the front. Luckily I had enough left overs from the Rigel Bomber I made to use them for another Kelly Skirt! Yay!

img_20151104_133013 img_20151104_133009

I won’t lie to you, I completed the skirt within one evening of three hours or so! I was so incredibly fast! But it is the third time I make this skirt and there is really no difficulty in it. Just three rectangular sewn together, pleated a little, snaps applied and that’s it!

img_20151104_133023 img_20151104_132932

Although it doesn’t take long and isn’t difficult to make I really think the skirt looks great! It’s like with all of Megan Nielsen’s skirt pattern, simple but oh so clever!

img_20151104_133319 img_20151104_133325

I topstichted my seams with a thicker topstitching thread and I really like how that looks, but I have to admit that it made the whole thing a little harder.

img_20151104_131055Pressing this fabric wasn’t that much fun either. It just didn’t want to stay pressed somehow, but I totally forced it!

img_20151104_131235Here’s a shot from the inside, I think the bias binding on the waistband makes such a clean finish!

img_20151104_131156I have to admit that i did have some troubles riding my bike with this skirt on, the lower buttons popped open every now and then.

img_20151104_131214I really hope the skirt will never get caught in something like a car door, I son’t think it would stay on my body in that case :D  But, oh well, no risk no fun!


Macht’s gut!


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