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Freedom Backpack II

About one and a half years ago I sewed what is now my favorite backpack. It was the first backpack that I sewed myself I really really liked and wore daily. Back then I ordered the niizo’s Freedom Backback sewing kit via etsy coming all the way from Taiwan. It came with everything that I needed and the parts included in the kit were of a great quality and long lasting. Continue reading

Freedom Backpack

Until lately I used my Cooper Backpack to transport all my work stuff and it definitely wasn‘t made for that. It looses its shape so much, I’m missing pockets, it is not comfy and most annoying of all: just not big enough. I also had to repair some seams and it just looks like the whole thing is going to fall apart in the near future. So I thought about buying a backpack, because obviously I cannot sew a backpack that is sturdy and big enough to take with me to work almost everyday. Continue reading

Cooper Backpack

img_20160402_170438I’m participating in the monthly bag sewing challenge initiated and organized by Greenfietsen. Every month there is a new theme for a bag. March’s theme was to sew an ‘everyday life bag’. As you might have noticed it is April by now and I haven’t shown you a bag ;) Well, I’m late but here it is! :) I decided to make a backpack as I only have one that has a very bright color. Also I don’t need a reason to sewe a bag ;) Continue reading