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Boylston Bra

img_20160214_132750I’m back! We’re done moving. Well, of course we’re not done, not everything has found its place yet and we still have to make give the old apartment officially back, but We are now officially living here, we finally van access the Internet and I have already sewn a dress in my new sewing room :) And that is all that matters, right? ;) I’m not done furnishing my sewing room, so you guys will have to wait for some photos of the finished room, but I promise I’ll get there and I’ll totally show off my new bigger and improved sewing room :) Continue reading

Polka Dot Boylston Bra

img_20160131_152309I still don’t feel comfortable with my bra sewing skills. And I certainly don’t feel like I have mastered bra sewing at all. I tried some patterns and sewed some bras but no one of them was a bra that I felt I could wear everyday and be comfortable. The red Marlborough I made came close. But after a few wears I realized that the cup is tiny bit too small which looks weired underneath some of my tighter tops. The same thing only worse with the Boylston bra: the cup was too small and the band too tight. Continue reading

Boylston Bra

img_20150913_174236As already announced, I made a Boylston Bra! In general I prefer to wear bras that are lined with foam and after sewing those great fitting Marlboroughs (here and here) I was eager to try the new Orange Lingerie Boylston Bra pattern that can be lined with foam. In the beginning I wasn’t sure about those broad straps, but when I saw more and more Boylston Bras appearing in the net I decided to give the pattern a try.

Continue reading