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OAL 2016: Zinone and Chataigne

img_20160619_162713It is June and it is Outfit Along! Like in the last 2 years, I’m participating. same procedure as every year, you have to knit one garment and to sew one garment and thus create an outfit. The knitting part is organized by Andi , the sewing part is handled by Lauren. Each of them picks a pattern and provides a Craft Along giving tips and helping to create the outfit. In the last two years the suggested sewing pattern was a dress, the suggested knitting pattern was a Cardigan. You didn’t have to pick the suggested patterns, and I didn’t. Continue reading

Chataigne Number deux

img_20150607_185403Right before we went on vacation I realized that I just have nothing to wear! Ha! That obviously is a lie! However, I felt that my wardrobe missed shorts! And I only used the expensive Chataigne pattern from Deer&Doe once. Great reasons, amiright?! And I had another one! I had some leftovers from a skirt I sewed a while ago (I don’t even have this skirt anymore) that had stripes and I had just enough to make another Chataigne Shorts out of it! Yay! I wanted stripes because I loved their effect on my Chataigne Skirt (that reminds me that I don’t have a clue where that skirt is hiding in my closet..) Continue reading

Chataigne Skirt

img_20150426_132953As I already mentioned in my post on the Chataigne shorts, Deer&Doe offer a tutorial, showing how to turn the Chataigne Shorts into a skirt. I got interested in the pattern because I saw someone in the Internet wearing the skirt, so I actually bought the pattern with the intention of making myself a skirt out of it. And I had the perfect fabric in my stash. A bought it at a fabric flea market in Maastricht, which is in the Netherlands and a real paradise for fabric shoppers! I wanted to sew a blouse from the fabric but as I realized later the fabric has transparent stripes. Continue reading

Chataigne Shorts & Renfrew Shirt

img_20150329_122342And again it is wednesday! Aand I have something to show to you all! Just recently I told everyone that I was still sewing winter clothes, but that has changed as soon as I made my first order at Deer&Doe. For a long time I had an eye on some (or: most)of their patterns! I do not know why I didn’t order, I think I thought shipping costs are high, but in fact they are not! Within EU they are only 2 €, regardless of how many patterns you order! Continue reading