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Rayon Bonnell Without Keyholes

img_20150809_173914I have a story to tell you! I had the whole June off! I was in between jobs and decided to take a month long break! And it was great. As I had read on several blogs the city of Paris is great for fabric shopping.. Guess what I did back in June! ;) Before I moved to Kalsruhe in southern Germany I lived near the Netherlands, it is a fabric shopper’s paradise there I tell you! And now I was on the look-out for an alternative and I realized that there is a train stopping at Karlsruhe, that stops in Strasbourg and then: PARIS! Yay! Continue reading

Bonnell Dress

img_20150510_173749Did you see? Dixie from DixieDIY released a new pattern, the Bonnell dress. I read her blog for quite some time now and was amazed the first time I saw her in that dress! It has cut-outs on the sides! Isn’t that cool? I’m a fan of cut-outs, where ever they are. Not wearable in the office though, but perfect for a hot summer’s day! And since I saw that first version I knew I had the perfect fabric for that in my stash! Continue reading