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Inca Cardigan

Long time no see! Maybe you have noticed, I didn’t translate a few of my latest posts. You see, I do that manually and I simply couldn’t spare the time. However, as you can see, I found some time to translate this post. It is about the latest addition to my cardigans and its story started back in October when I was visiting Marvin, who spent three month at NCSU for his research. I visited him and brought back a lot of stuff, like fabrics and sewing patterns. And I also bought some local fiber.

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Fair-Isle Cardigan

img_20160206_153629Last year at this time I was picking out the yarn I was going to use to knit my fair-isle dress, that I then finished in summer and showed in autumn. As I used different yarn than the one suggested in the instructions that has much less yardage per skeins I orderer way to much yarn and had over 1 kg left of Drops Karisma in all the different colors. I thought about what to make from it, maybe a blanket or some pillow cases? In the end I decided to make a cardigan, who would have thought that?! ;) Continue reading