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Unselfish Shorts

ThreadTheory_JedediahShorts_Tom_Pattydoo_11Sewing for Marvin is relatively easy: the only garments he needs are shorts and t-shirts. He doesn’t wear much else the whole summer. While I can chose between wearing skirts, dresses or pants the only thing Marvin can wear in this climate we have here are shorts. When we lived a little farther north Marvin didn’t wear shorts that often, he says he still doesn’t like wearing them to work, but it’s not like he has a choice now ;) Continue reading

Jedediah and Tom

IMG_3468Poor Marvin has nothing to wear! Since I’m sewing all of my clothes no one is forcing him go fashion shopping and he starts to realize that he could use some new garments. As my closet is bursting (which btw is a problem of a too small closet if you ask me) I liked the idea of sewing something for him from time to time. Unfortunately it is much harder to find patterns and fabric for men, but you now me: nothing can stop me! ;) Continue reading

Jedediah and Tom

img_20150510_173948Amelie infected me! She plans on sewing every month at least one garment for her boyfriend. How kind is that? Marvin has been asking for quite some time for a new pair of shorts and so I decided to make him shorts! Since I don’t go shopping for clothes anymore, Marvins doesn’t go either. He’s always telling me that he needs new stuff. Poor Marvin ;) After some Internet research I found that Thread Theory has some beautiful guys patterns! Continue reading