Wedding: Minoru Jacket

KuM0222At the end of December I began to rethink if my wedding dress paired with my cardigan would really be warm enough in February. The winter had come and I began to remember what that felt like. We had some really warm days in January and my hopes went up that maybe in February it wouldn’t be as cold as I’d thought. In the end I was so relieved to have sewn a real jacket for the wedding, because it was cold and it was raining.


Back in December I started planning the jacket. I searched the Internet for a fabric with a similar color to my wedding cardigan and after some while I found something that worked at (which is the same as I found a dusky pink walkloden (I cannot find a translation for that..) 100 % wool. Don’t ask me why but I only ordered 1.6 m of it. 1.6 m for a jacket! Am I stupid or what?

KuM0329 KuM0320 KuM0317

To my defense I can say that at this time I didn’t know what i wanted to make. For a long time I was thinking cape. I already bought and printed two cape patterns when I realized that I didn’t want a cape. Maybe nice for a wedding But I was sure that I wouldn’t wear it afterwards. Plus I knew that 1.6 m is not much fabric not even for a cape and I had made a Minoru Jacket from less than 1.6 m.

KuM0032 KuM0214

So I chose to make another Sewaholic Minoru Jacket in size 6. It took my one evening only to lay out the pattern pieces, so that everything fit.

img_20160222_101027 img_20160222_101012

Again I wasn’t able to cut the inner collar piece from fashion fabric, so I cut it from lining. I had to cut the inner facings in two pieces and sew them together.

img_20160222_101146 KuM0031

I didn’t even dream of making the hood. But I managed to cut pocket facings, a front facings and those sleeves flaps that I don’t know the correct translation to ;) Therefore I omitted the cuffs the pattern calls for.

img_20160222_100925 img_20160222_101034

The front facing is simply cut twice as wide as the facings next to the zipper. I had to cut the inner piece of them from lining fabric.

img_20160222_100959 img_20160222_100944

I made the jacket as long as the fabric amount allowed me and I like the length. I think it still looks good with flared skirts.

KuM0336 KuM0335

I again used an Interliner that keeps you warm and humidity out. I found that it worked wonders using it for my first Minoru Jacket. I could wear it all winter because it was warm enough and I didn’t get wet when it rained. Therefore it crackles a little when you move, but that gets better with time and really isn’t that bad and certainly no reason to pass on the effect it has.

KuM0371 KuM0361

I had a long search for a matching zipper. I wanted something with metal teeth in the same color the fabric has. I didn’t find anything. So I ordered one with plastic teeth but when it arrived the color differed from my fabric. So I looked out for a flannel lining in the same color as the zipper and didn’t find anything. Until I walked into a discounter who sold flannel bed sheets in that color ;) Yep, the inside of my wedding jacket is a bed sheet.


Only the sleeves are cut from sateen, which makes them glide better over my arms. I ordered that fabric and on the screen it looked like it matched, but well, as you can see it didn’t….

KuM0231The front facings are closed with buttons and buttonholes that are worked in the front facings. It is kind of fiddly to close them and not optimal but I like the way it looks.

KuM0361 img_20160222_101128

I hand sewed the hem to the lining so that I was able to make the jacket as long as I could. Also I like that there is no hem seam on the outside.

I think those are all of the things were I went astray from pattern and instructions. Everything else was worked according to the instructions.

img_20160222_101139One little thing is left worth mentioning. the ribbon that I used at the collar is inherited from Marvin’s Oma. I think it is actually as old as it looks and it was my “something old” at the wedding.


Now I have posted about everything I want to post about concerning our wedding! Thanks for stopping by and reading, I hope you enjoyed following me through our special day.



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14 thoughts on “Wedding: Minoru Jacket

  1. Valerie

    Love the Jacket !!!! Well done to you for all of your wedding outfit….. something to be proud of !!

  2. Kristina

    I love a winter wedding and your makes are absolutely stunning! Well done and thanks for sharing!!! I love the dusky pink minorou over a wedding dress.

  3. Lisa

    Everything about your gorgeous jacket is perfect – especially the length! The length looks terrific against your dress and oh my goodness, what a gorgeous color. So special that your ‘something old’ was the little ribbon you incorporated from a beloved family member. Every time you wear this jacket, you will think of your lovely day. Thank you for taking the time to write and prepare these posts for us to read and share along in your journey and joy. :)

  4. Carolyn

    Spectacular!! I love your jacket, in fact everything about your outfit of course! I love that you used a little bit of ribbon from a loved relative; that’s a really sweet touch and you’ll think of her every time you put it on. The colour of the jacket is superb, my very favourite shade of pink, ever! and it suits you beautifully. You look so beautiful, and it’s very impressive how much of your outfit is made by you! I really really want to make a minoru now :)

  5. Vancouver Barbara

    Your whole outfit is wonderful – the colours are beautiful. Love your pink UGGs. You make a beautiful couple.
    From your photographs I wonder whether the “walkloden” is similar to boiled wool.