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Hildegard Socks – Knitting Pattern

I designed another sock knitting pattern and I’m releasing it for free here today. I started writing the pattern more than a year ago and then more important things got in the way. But now that I’m on maternity leave I finally finished those last 10 % ;) I named the socks Hildegard, because I wanted the name to start with ‘H’ as I name my patterns in alphabetical order and so like usual I just picked some random old fashioned sounding German name. But more about the socks! Continue reading


img_20150621_165611I think a lot of my posts start with Usually I don’t.., but..  I don’t know why I even have principals. Its not like I would actually act according to them ;) So, here it is: Usuall I don’t show knitted socks on my blog, BUT Regia released a new sock yarn collection on thursday and I was asked to test! I felt like the huge knitting star (which I am!) when I got the E-Mail :D But I stopped my retarded grinning when I was asked for a mediakit? A what?! :D Continue reading