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How I assemble PDF patterns

Assemble_pdf_patterns_schnittmuster_zusammensetzen_4In my post about my new sewing room I mentioned the equipment I have that helps me assemble PDF patterns. I usually buy PDF patterns.Some patterns are only available as PDFs, some would be sent from outside the EU which takes long and can be complicated customs-wise and last but not least PDF patterns are always a little cheaper. But the main reason for me to buy pdf patterns is that when I buy a pattern I usually want to start right away. I’m not a long term planner. Continue reading

Pattern Knitting Bag Cordula

Secretly I drafted a new pattern for a knitting bag called Cordula and here’s how that happened: in my knitting course the idea came up that a bag that allows you to walk or stand while you’re knitting would be very pratical. You see, we’re moving a lot while meeting to knit so it was only natural of us to get that idea at some point :) So I drafted a first protoype and after some time I went into massproduction and sewed a knitting bag for mostly everyone in my knitting group. Continue reading

How I stabilize button bands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I stabilized the button bands of my newest knit cardigan and I remembered to document it, yay! Button bands always tend to wear out, I realized that very soon after knitting my first cardigans. I started stabilizing my buttonbands with petersham, Lauren has published a great tutorial on her blog that explains how that is done. I improved that technique for myself by using fabric instead of petersham, because I think that looks much neater. Continue reading