Pattern Knitting Bag Cordula

Secretly I drafted a new pattern for a knitting bag called Cordula and here’s how that happened: in my knitting course the idea came up that a bag that allows you to walk or stand while you’re knitting would be very pratical. You see, we’re moving a lot while meeting to knit so it was only natural of us to get that idea at some point :) So I drafted a first protoype and after some time I went into massproduction and sewed a knitting bag for mostly everyone in my knitting group. I got a lot of positive feedback afterwards. They loved there bags and some of them had the greatest ideas of how to improve the pattern. When a stranger in a train asked me where to get such a bag I decided to make the pattern and the instructions downloadable for everyone and looked out for test sewers. Doreen, Melanie, Christiane and Brigitte tested the pattern and again imrpoved it a lot! Thank you 4 so much! :) And today I can present you the pattern and the instructions for the project bag Cordula. You can download it here or click on the picture below.

I mostly use my Cordula for knitting socks, it is really perfect for that. By the way some of the ladies in my sewing group like to hang their Cordula around the arm rest of a chair, that also works very well! I also got a lot of improvement suggestions that I didn’t use in this pattern, like making the strap smaller or instead of sewing the upper seam using snaps or sewing it without edges at the bottom. I decided that it is best to stay simple, I think it is easier to modify a simple pattern than an already very specialized pattern. also it is easier to sew. Cordula is sewn up very fast and easy now, even if you don’t sew regularly sewing Cordula won’t be a big problem, I promise :)


I hope you’ll like the pattern and I hope to see a lot of Cordulas out there! If you make one I would be glad if you’d send me a picture or an URL so that I can link up your Cordula here, so that other can be inspired :)

And here are the bags of my great test sewers:


Doreen_1 Doreen_2


Brigitte_5 Brigitte_2




Melanie_1 Melanie_2

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9 thoughts on “Pattern Knitting Bag Cordula

  1. Lisa

    I like your new bag! I downloaded your instructions and found them well written and very clear. Even though I am not a prolific knitter….. am really more of a novice/beginner…. your cute bag would work for other small project applications like keeping my tatting easily at hand. Your testers’ bags turned out lovely and it was nice to see the different variations. Thank you for taking the time to write up your pattern and share with all of us! :)

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Lisa :-) Great that you were able to understand the instructions, I am always a little insecure when it comes to writing in English.

  2. Carolyn

    That’s a brilliant idea! Very clever, and it looks like it works really well. Thank you so much for the fantastic pattern. I’m going to have to give this a go, SOON!

  3. Alexa

    How clever! What a great idea, thanks for sharing, I’m going to have to try sewing one of these up soon-great for knitting on the tube!