img_20150426_130718I don’t like buying fabric that has only one color! And I don’t like sewing it either. But from time to time I just need a garment that is a little more unflashy. So I bought the fabric I used for my Bruyere Blouse in also in another color, a darker blue. Just recently I had a job interview, it was really spontaneous and I didn’t have anything to wear! I also didn’t have the time to sew something fancy and it came to my mind to sew a dress I could wear!The dark blue fabric was just right for my plans and after some research on the Internet I decided to go with Colette’s Laurel dress. I saw it on Karin’s Blog, she used a knit fabric for the dress and it looks fabulous!


What a waste! Such a simple shape AND such a simple fabric! But what could I do? Can’t go to a job interview with a dress having racoons on it!

img_20150426_130750 img_20150426_130851

I sewed size 2, like I always do with Colette’s sewing patterns. I did a few alterations. I lenghtened the whole thing A LOT! And because I heard a lot of sewist are having problems with wrinkles above the bust, I changed the armhole shape according to this drawing. It worked fine! Also I made the dress tighter at the waist, otherwise I am lost in the dress! I also lined the whole thing, just sewed the whole dress from lining and sewed dress and lining together at the neck line.

img_20150426_131101 img_20150426_131112

This was a really quick sew! It actually has no difficult parts. But it got a little too short, at least for a dress you wear to a job interview. So I decided to buy clothes and that was like it always is really hard. But I found a Blazer that was too wide and pants that were to short and too tight and changed them, so that they fitted to some extend. I must have looked very good in my outfit, because I got the job ;) In July I am working in Stuttgart as a software developer and I am really excited! The job seems to be great! And I am taking a month off between my two jobs, I just need time to relax before I start something new. And you know what that means: a lot of sewing time ;)

img_20150426_130800 img_20150426_130820

I haven’t figuered out yet what I am going to do with this dress! It isn’t my favourite shape or my favourite fabric, but on the photos I think it looks quite nice. Maybe I am gping to wear it maybe not, time will tell :)

img_20150426_130702 img_20150426_130711

I am thinking about shortening the whole thing, but from the photos I think it actually has a neat length…

img_20150426_131012 img_20150426_131034-1

I should have pressed the dress before taking pictures, but believe me the fabric is a real ass when it comes to wrinkling!


I am going to take a look around at the sew&show link party, lots of beautiful dresses there!

sewandshowAnother thing: I am going to participate in MeMadeMay ’15! Last year I really regretted that I didn’t take part! I endeavoured to only wear selfmade clothes during May ’15. Underwear and tights do not count ;) If you’re thinking about participating as well click the button below and Zoe will explain everything in detail to you :)

me-made-may'14– Katharina

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3 thoughts on “Laurel

  1. Noelle

    Looks really nice! Thanks for the link to the armhole picture. I had trouble with that when I tried to make a woven laurel. Hope you end up wearing it!

  2. Caroline

    If you think you are not going to wear this dress as it is – maybe you could add a contrast band of fabric to the bottom for interest? Or applique something onto it?
    I think the colour is beautiful its very flattering on your skin tone.

    1. Katharina Post author

      I think that is actually a good idea! Some readers suggested to wear a belt with the dress, but I am not that into belts, maybe a huge necklace or something.. application is also a good idea… Thank you for the suggestions :)