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Colette Rue – Second Attempt

Maybe some of you remember: last summer Colette sent me their newest pattern to sew it up before they released it. It is called Rue, it features a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. The front bodice consist of three parts that, sewn together, create interesting seam lines. The dress didn’t fit me that well, but to me it looked like it fitted me like it fitted the model on the envelope more or less. Continue reading

Laurel Dress

There are some projects that I spend ages on, when in fact they shouldn’t‘t take me that long. Most often these are projects that I‘m not very passionate about right from the beginning. Today I’ll be showing you a dress where the passionlessness started with the pattern. Colette‘s Laurel Dress. Definitely not my usual style. Because,well: the bodice isn’t fitted and the skirt isn’t flared ;) But I found myself drawn to this pattern every other time. I have tried this pattern before once. I sewed the dress for a job interview and ended up wearing something else ;) Continue reading

Colette Rue

colette_rue_ver1_full_2I sewed another dress ;) And I used a brand new pattern. And here’s the story behind that: a while ago the people behind the sewing pattern label Colette were looking for bloggers who wanted to test their new pattern pre release and give them feedback. I write ‘test’ but the pattern was already ready and tested and everything it was more about trying it out, seeing if you like it and if you like the fit. Continue reading

Cooper Backpack

img_20160402_170438I’m participating in the monthly bag sewing challenge initiated and organized by Greenfietsen. Every month there is a new theme for a bag. March’s theme was to sew an ‘everyday life bag’. As you might have noticed it is April by now and I haven’t shown you a bag ;) Well, I’m late but here it is! :) I decided to make a backpack as I only have one that has a very bright color. Also I don’t need a reason to sewe a bag ;) Continue reading


img_20151220_150901-1.. or Hawthère? Well, that’s what you get if you always use the name of th pattern you made as post title. If you’re making a pattern hack of a French and American pattern you might just end up with ‘Bruyorn’. Okay, I could have gone with something is. Wouldn’t have been the first time that I didn’t stick to my own principles, but to be honest I think Bruyorn sounds funny, and who knows, maybe I’m setting a trend and tomorrow everyone is sewing Bruyorn and I gave this hack its name ;) If you haven’t guessed by now, the dress I am going to show you is one half Bruyère and the other Hawthorn. Continue reading

Moneta in stripes

img_20150823_104454Hello and a nice Sunday to y’all! Summer seems to end here soon it seems. It is raining more an the temperatures drop and I still have some clothes that I made for summer and haven’t blogged about yet. Might even be, that I haven’t worn some of those yet, whups. I think I sewed more than I actually needed this summer due to my month off in June! But whatever I like autumn better anyway and I usually wear me summer clothes till the begin of winter, everything goes with tights and jackets (and I love a good excuse to sew me some jackets ;)) Continue reading

Hawthorn again

img_20150823_102645Yay, may third Hawthorn, I simply love this pattern. I don’t even think it isthe most beautiful button up dress pattern out there but it definetly is the most fun to sew that I know of! It is easy and fast and you don’t need to be extra neat but it does look extra neat! :) I really like the simple collar, it doesn’t look too formal and it looks great underneath sweaters and cardigans. I might even say, that the first Hawthorn I made is my favourite dress. Especially in combination with my Hetty cardigan. Oh how I love this combination! Continue reading

Raspberry Aster

img_20150816_172935I already told you: I have tons of this Raspberry Ikea fabric. The fabric was a blanket once! A real huge one! Would I have known that there are larger blankets than my 1,55 m blanket, I would have bought it! There’s nothing better than huge blankets. But, now I am stuck with my only slightly oversized blanket and needed to make something else out of this super oversized blanket. I already made a dress and pants out of it and I love wearing them, the fabric is breezy and felt really good against my skin. Also I like the raspberries, they make the dress so summery. Continue reading


img_20150802_185629Here’s another pattern I bought when there was this Thanks Giving/Black Friday/cyber Monday/Whatever huge sale over at Colette’s. Peony it is and it has been on my hard drive since then. I never found the right fabric for this dress Sale. When I didn’t work during June I went through my stash and I found a cotton-sateen fabric that I bought once to make a blouse from it, but I never did and I figured that this fabric would also be great a s a dress Continue reading


img_20150621_170559As announced in my previous bag post I made a second bag! I had the  Colette Cooper Pattern on my computer for quite some time now. I bought it the last time everything was on sale over at Colette’s. I think it was the black Friday Week or something. I bought some other stuff too, like an old seabag because Christiane always sews such beautiful bags from them. But still I didn’t find the motivation. Continue reading