Chataigne Skirt

img_20150426_132953As I already mentioned in my post on the Chataigne shorts, Deer&Doe offer a tutorial, showing how to turn the Chataigne Shorts into a skirt. I got interested in the pattern because I saw someone in the Internet wearing the skirt, so I actually bought the pattern with the intention of making myself a skirt out of it. And I had the perfect fabric in my stash. A bought it at a fabric flea market in Maastricht, which is in the Netherlands and a real paradise for fabric shoppers! I wanted to sew a blouse from the fabric but as I realized later the fabric has transparent stripes. What does a fabric need transparent stripes for? Maybe you should use it to make curtains or something? Anyhow, I knew I needed to make something from it that has a lining! And as I had the perfect lining in my stash I decided to make a Chataigne skirt out of it right away!


I followed the tutorial, but I wanted a wider skirt! And I didn’t cut the front and back yokes on fold but diagonal, so that the the stripes meet at the center front and back of the skirt. Yay, great idea! :)

img_20150426_132953 img_20150426_133033

My other not so great idea was to make a half circle skirt! Okay, it was not the idea that was bad ;) I forget to adapt the top of the skirt as well and in the end my skirt was really long in the front and back and really short on the sides ;) So I redid my hem and now the skirt is shorter than I wanted it, but it is still okay for me :)

img_20150426_132923 img_20150426_132932

Also there is a lot of fabric at the sides of the skirt, the fullness is not distributed evenly, something I will make sure to make better next time!

img_20150426_132821 img_20150426_132829

In the tutorial it is recommended to add darts to the back, especially if your butt is large ;) and as I don’t want anyone to say my butt is large (and because I am lazy) I didn’t do the darts. Now there are wrinkles over my butt! Okay! Next time maybe! ;) I also melted parts of the transparent stripes when I pressed the skirt (too hot ;)) and that is why my skirt is so wrinkly, because I didn’t dare pressing it (and not because my closet is too full ;)).

img_20150426_133003 img_20150426_132847

Despite all my flaws I really like the skirt! The yokes make me forget all my anger I had with this skirt.


Have a nice weekend :)


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