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img_20151220_150901-1.. or Hawthère? Well, that’s what you get if you always use the name of th pattern you made as post title. If you’re making a pattern hack of a French and American pattern you might just end up with ‘Bruyorn’. Okay, I could have gone with something is. Wouldn’t have been the first time that I didn’t stick to my own principles, but to be honest I think Bruyorn sounds funny, and who knows, maybe I’m setting a trend and tomorrow everyone is sewing Bruyorn and I gave this hack its name ;) If you haven’t guessed by now, the dress I am going to show you is one half Bruyère and the other Hawthorn. Continue reading

Sleeveless Bruyere

img_20150830_182244Marvin asked me if I could sew him a jacket. So I ordered fabric at Stoff&Stil. And because there was a big sale I ordered some pink-orangeish light cotton fabric for me too. At this point of time I haven’t even gotten started on Marvin’s jacket. I haven’t even bought the pattern. But I already made a blouse from the fabric I bought for me. To be fair I have to say, that Marvin won’t need the jacket until autumn and I really needed this blouse (haha), plus his fabric is gray and mine is pink. So I didn’t have a choice, did I? :)

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img_20150412_142307I got the  Deer&Doe fever! They offer such beautiful patterns! And since a overcame the barrier of buying their paper patterns I am unstoppable! The first pattern I sewed were those adorable Chataigne Shorts! I just recently finished a Chataigne Skirt. But today I am going to show you something different: the Bruyere Blouse. I want to shows it to you as long as long sleeve garments are appropriate to the weather ( and I hope this won’t be for too long now :)) Continue reading