Brumby and Lady Skater TShirt

img_20151003_163039I made another blue outfit! It is Brumby Skirt and a Lady Skater TShirt. Before you ask, there is nothing like a Lady Skater Tshirt, I justused the Lady Skater Dress bodic that fits me so well to make a tshirt. I simply lengthened it to shirt length with the help of my Renfrew pattern et voila! I could have just gone with the Renfrew pattern, but I didn’t have enough fabric and the Lady Skater sits much tighter, so I was able to make a shirt from some leftovers I still had in my stash. I love it when that happens!Especially because I don’t really like the tshirt I made originally from this fabric (here), I simply don’t wear it and I’m glad I didn’t totally waste this beautiful fabric.


Because sewing thsirts is rather boring to me I decided to do a little extra and I added button bands to the front. I used this German tutorial, it is really great and I think you don’t need to speak German to understand it.

img_20151003_162745 img_20151003_162850

The buttons were a present from a friend. Unfortunately she only gave me 5 and I almost ever need more than 5 buttons this size. Not this time! Ha! and I just love how the look! :)

img_20151003_164030 img_20151003_164118

I overlocked the hems and stitched them down with a twin needle. Overlocking the edge seems to make the twin needle topstitching more accurate.

img_20151003_164037With this shirt I wear my newest skirt. A Megan Nieslen Brumby Skirt! I made it from faux suede that I found in my stash after I bought some faux suede on my trip to Paris. At this point of time I thought I had never seen faux suede before and I just needed to have it. One week later I found this favric in my stash where it had been laying for some time ;) I think it never stroke my eye because its wrong side is white and that was the side you saw when you looked into to closet.

img_20151003_162702 img_20151003_162656

I find it really hard to buy skirt patterns. They somehow look all the same or totally crazy to me. But the Megan Nielsen skirt patterns are different! Her skirts look interesting but not crazy. They have those nice details that look so great together. Ahh Megan, you vixen! It was like love at first sight when this pattern was released! I think those gathers paired with those huge pockets look just amazing!

img_20151003_162828 img_20151003_162731

I also love that there a 3 variations to this skirt and that there are actually different pattern pieces for those variations. I chose to make variation one which is constructed for heavier fabrics and lengthened it a little. I cut size S, which is my Megan Nielsen size, though according to the chart XS would fit me. But I don’t think it would. I added lining to the skirt, which was very simple. I just cut the back skirt piece 4 times from lining fabric, sewed the pieces together, gathered them and stitched them to the waistband.


I topstitched the seams with blue topstitching thread. Did I already say that I really like the front seam? I really like it!

img_20151003_163027 img_20151003_163002

I don’t make a normal hem for my lining. I just serge the lower edge. Yes, I’m lazy.

img_20151003_163052 img_20151003_164157

Sewing Brumby was real fun! Not also because (as you might have noticed by now) I’m really excited about this skirt but also because the instructions were great. I have never sewn a zipper to a skirt the way Megan does it here. The zipper is sewn right sides facing to the fabric at its lowest position. And it turned out super pretty!I love it when that happens.

img_20151003_162822And now I’m glad to announce that fortunately I had some faux suede leftovers from the Rigel Bomber I made. And I made another skirt from it. It is again a Megan Nielsen design and  am almost as excited baout that skirt as I am about my Brumby.


But that is a story for another time ;) see you soon and thanks for reading!


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5 thoughts on “Brumby and Lady Skater TShirt

  1. Kirsty

    This is a great outfit! I especially like your Lady Skater tee – it fits you perfectly. My machine used to do twin needle stitching just fine, but recently it’s been having problems with it and it makes me really sad, because it’s such a nice neat finish to use!

  2. Noelle

    The button placket on the t-shirt was a great idea. It looks really cool, especially with the stripes. Love your skirt! It is hard to find interesting but not crazy skirt patterns. This one is on my list to try at some point.

  3. Carolyn

    Both your skirt and Tshirt look really nice! I love the idea of a suede skirt. How I would love to go shopping in Paris for fabric again some day :)