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Magenta Brumby

img_20151230_163602Magenta always was my favourite watercolour colour. I had this watercolour boy for art lessons in school. It was a Pelican watercolour set and every kid in school had it. Some even had the extended version that contained colour like silver and gold. Well I hadn’t. And so I was always out of magenta because I used it a lot. Magenta was the only positive thing about the art lessons in school. I really suck at drawing and I am always amazed when people actually can draw. Like when I first saw Bob Ross. From one moment to the other the brownish area becomes a mountain, and I’m like ‘how on earth did he do that?’. Continue reading

Brumby and Lady Skater TShirt

img_20151003_163039I made another blue outfit! It is Brumby Skirt and a Lady Skater TShirt. Before you ask, there is nothing like a Lady Skater Tshirt, I justused the Lady Skater Dress bodic that fits me so well to make a tshirt. I simply lengthened it to shirt length with the help of my Renfrew pattern et voila! I could have just gone with the Renfrew pattern, but I didn’t have enough fabric and the Lady Skater sits much tighter, so I was able to make a shirt from some leftovers I still had in my stash. I love it when that happens! Continue reading