Ruby Slip Dress

IMG_3623I own exactly one slip dress. I made it about a year ago from pink knit fabric and it just looks awful. But it does its duty, it prevents my unlined dresses from sticking to my tights. I made some more unlined dresses last summer and it was time to sew some more slip dresses before winter starts. This time I decided to use more slippery and woven fabric and I soon came across the free Ruby Slip dress pattern from Pattern Scissors Cloth.I saw some versions in the internet and thought I’d give it a try.


At first I wanted to make the dress completely from some lining fabric I bought in Paris. It was really cheap and I don’t know why I bought it. I mean it is really beautiful and shiny and felt soo soft but I had to carry 6 m of it through Paris and there is nothing that special about that fabric. However after I’d decided to omit the lace I found some long forgotten left overs from Shirts I made once. And I thought that the lace really looks nice together with the fabric, so I made the bodice from lace.

IMG_3633 IMG_3637

However I didn’t have enough scallop edge, so I cut only use it for the front cups. I finished the rest of the upper seam with some elastic left overs from the bras I made.

IMG_3640 IMG_3643

I used straps from old bras, the ribbons are from old bras, too.

IMG_3639 IMG_3620

Sewing the dress really isn’t hard and thus very quick. I french seamed the skirt seams and finished the bodice seams with my serger.

IMG_3621 IMG_3622

I didn’t lengthen the dress but I redraw the waist shaping and sewed the longer skirt version.

IMG_3636 IMG_3629

The dresses fit me very well, they are wide enough to easily pull them over my shoulders but they still look fitted. The drape of the fabric looks just great.

IMG_3648 IMG_3646

Now I cannot understand what took me so long. Sewing the dresses was really fun and quick. The pattern’s instructions are great, there is even a Sew Along. I think it is so great that this pattern is free!

IMG_3628I heard from peple with larger breast having problems with the fit. I obviously don’t belong to that group of people and everything fits fine ;)


Now I just need one or two slip dresses to wear underneath my knit dresses! I’ll let you know how that works out :)

Macht’s gut!


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