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Matilda Dress

Finally I can show you the newest member of my shirt dress family! It has been finished and in my closet for a while now, I took the pictures in March, but the pattern has only been released this weekend so I waited patiently. I test sewed this dress in February and March for Megan Nielsen. It is called Matilda and it is a cute little shirt dress with lots of smart details. I got an email from the Megan Nielsen Team and all I had to do was click on a button, if I was okay with the conditions and wanted to test sew. No race, no application, no stress. Continue reading

Tania Culottes und Plantain Tee

Spring is lurking around the corner and I have nothing to wear ;) So I started my seemingly annual T-Shirt sewing marathon. This is the third time in a row that I sew myself a pile of T-Shirts in April. I first cut them all out, then I sew the shoulder seams of each tee, than the neck binding of each one and so on. Just like I think it is done in a sweatshop ;). The last two years I started this marathon because MeMadeMay was about to start and I felt I didn’t have enough basic tees. Continue reading

Darling Ranges

I sewed another dress! Winter is a good as over (at least that’ s what I’m telling myself) and my dress isn’t that suitable for winter weather, so that is very convenient ;) Last weekend there even was a short window of time were temperatures were above 0°C AND it was only raining a little. I Took that chance and asked Marvin to take some pictures of my new not so wintry dress :) Continue reading

OAL 2016: Zinone and Kelly

img_20160724_112904As promised I’m showing you my second Outfit Along outfit. Quick reminder: the outfit along is a yearly challenge to knit one part of an outfit and sew another. Lauren manages the swing part and Andi picks the pattern and helps with the knitting part. I finished my first outfit about a month ago, I sewed shorts and knitted a top and I decided to make another outfit because I still had some time and because I wanted too ;P Continue reading

Magenta Brumby

img_20151230_163602Magenta always was my favourite watercolour colour. I had this watercolour boy for art lessons in school. It was a Pelican watercolour set and every kid in school had it. Some even had the extended version that contained colour like silver and gold. Well I hadn’t. And so I was always out of magenta because I used it a lot. Magenta was the only positive thing about the art lessons in school. I really suck at drawing and I am always amazed when people actually can draw. Like when I first saw Bob Ross. From one moment to the other the brownish area becomes a mountain, and I’m like ‘how on earth did he do that?’. Continue reading

Kelly in wild!

img_20151104_133057Do you know that situation were you told your grandma that you liked something and afterwards there won’t be a Christmas or birthday where you don’t get that exact thing from her as a present? Well, in that matter, I am my own grandma. There was I time when I thought that a could use one or two more skirts and recently I find myself sewing one skirt after the other in the moment. Continue reading

Brumby and Lady Skater TShirt

img_20151003_163039I made another blue outfit! It is Brumby Skirt and a Lady Skater TShirt. Before you ask, there is nothing like a Lady Skater Tshirt, I justused the Lady Skater Dress bodic that fits me so well to make a tshirt. I simply lengthened it to shirt length with the help of my Renfrew pattern et voila! I could have just gone with the Renfrew pattern, but I didn’t have enough fabric and the Lady Skater sits much tighter, so I was able to make a shirt from some leftovers I still had in my stash. I love it when that happens! Continue reading

Tania Culottes

img_20150712_185040I am so behind with blogging the garments I sewed over the last two month. I had a lot of free time and so one garment after the other emerged and the one I was making looked always better than the one I was making before. So somehow the second Tania Culottes (pattern by Megan Nielsen) got lost in a pile of garments. I think I made it bay in May and then just forgot about it. I cannot even remember when I bought this fabric, it must have been in my closet for ages. But all the pattern pieces fit on it and so I gave this fabric a try. Continue reading