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Ginger and Lady Skater

img_20151108_143841After having some issues taking photos of my newest jeans I am finally ready to show it to you!:) The weather got better and I was able to take some pictures while I was in homeoffice. We also had great weather last weekend and so I got Marvin to take pictures of a whole new outfit, which consist of those already mentioned new Ginger Jeans and a Lady Skater TShirt. Continue reading

Brumby and Lady Skater TShirt

img_20151003_163039I made another blue outfit! It is Brumby Skirt and a Lady Skater TShirt. Before you ask, there is nothing like a Lady Skater Tshirt, I justused the Lady Skater Dress bodic that fits me so well to make a tshirt. I simply lengthened it to shirt length with the help of my Renfrew pattern et voila! I could have just gone with the Renfrew pattern, but I didn’t have enough fabric and the Lady Skater sits much tighter, so I was able to make a shirt from some leftovers I still had in my stash. I love it when that happens! Continue reading

Peacock Lady Skater

img_20150529_200656I’m back! Okay, some of you might not even have realized I was gone, because I had WiFi on the campsite and so I was able to comment and post a little! But I missed my fast Internet I have at home, browsing is much more fun at home! Except for the lame internet we had a really great time (and to be honest, the lame Internet wasn’t a huge problem either ;))! We had so much luck with the weather! It was shitty the day before we arrived and it was shitty on our departure! In between was nothing but sunshine! That never happened to us before! Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 4

Week4The last week of may and with it the last week of Me Made May 15 has passed. It was a little more exhausting than the other weeks as I travelled from the far (German) north to the (Italian) south with a short stop Home in south Germany. That forced me not to overthink this weeks outfit and to wear warm as well as summery clothes. The backdrops also changed a lot in the course of this week, here we go: Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 3

Week3I am a little late with my round-up of the third week of me made may 15. The reason for that is that I just returned from a trip to the north sea, where Marvin’s sister got married in a lighthouse. This trip made the picture taking and outfit choosing a little harder, but at least Marvin almost didn’t complain he had to take pictures of me :) Much worse was that I didn’t have access to the Internet! How sucky is that? Continue reading