Raspberry Aster

img_20150816_172935I already told you: I have tons of this Raspberry Ikea fabric. The fabric was a blanket once! A real huge one! Would I have known that there are larger blankets than my 1,55 m blanket, I would have bought it! There’s nothing better than huge blankets. But, now I am stuck with my only slightly oversized blanket and needed to make something else out of this super oversized blanket. I already made a dress and pants out of it and I love wearing them, the fabric is breezy and felt really good against my skin. Also I like the raspberries, they make the dress so summery.As the Aster Sewalong is now over and everything is up on the Colette Sewalong Blog I took that as a sign that I needed to make another Aster, right now. And here it is:


Sewing went really fast this time. Almost as fast as sewing a T-Shirt. Last time I had some troubles with the placket and the bias neckband binding. You have to sew the binding first, than cut the placket to the seam and flip it. It just didn’t look clean. This time I put more effort into it and it worked out better.

img_20150816_175538I saw, that the bias binding in the sewalong looks different than mine. It is much thinner and I fold it twice, in the sewalong it is only folded once. I will try that next time, because this will make the neckline binding less stiff. When I saw that this time I already cut bias binding from the same fabric and I was too lazy to change it. Again I had troubles with setting in the sleeves. There is too much sleeve and too little sleevehole for my taste. My sleeve has some puckers now, but I don’t mind, because I chose to make the flutter sleeves his time and you don’t really see them.

img_20150816_173024 img_20150816_173035

Yes, flutter sleeves! First time i saw them I didn’t like them, but gladly I like to change my mind very often ;) The fabric suggestions say that you should use something with more drape like rayon, but I wanted to make flutter sleeves with my raspberry fabric and so I did and I like them as they are.

img_20150816_175522 img_20150816_175448

I did french seams this time, whey! I didn’t do them in the past, because it wasn’t important to me how my garments looked from the inside and I would have needed too much time for it. I was challenged enough by just sewing a blouse without french seaming it, you know? But with time I got faster and more secure and so I gave it a try. It worked out fine and I like how it looks. I frenched seamed the side seams and the sleeve seams but I didn’t dare to french seam the sleeve set sin seams. I had enough troubles with them as they were, so I just serged them.

img_20150816_172954Again I sewed size 2 which fits me well and again there is some weird gaping going on at the right side of the neckline. But only sometimes. I cannot tell what it is, but until now I thought my body was totally symmetrical.. (so it must be the pattern that is asymmetrical, right? ;))

img_20150816_172859The skirt I’m wearing is a Kelly Skirt in denim.


I still have leftovers from this fabric. Enough to make another dress AND another blouse. maybe next summer, I think I’ll start sewing for autumn now. I still have some unblogged summer dresses and blouses and skirts laying in my sewing room and I think I might just have sewn enough garments for this summer and the weather is already beginning to be cooler.

Have a nice Sunday y’all! :)


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7 thoughts on “Raspberry Aster

  1. Joanna Kostrzewa

    Don’t we all just hate setting in sleeves?…. I don’t know if there’s even a single person who likes this part of sewing. ><
    Maybe you could use the rest of the fabric for a pajama, or some informal wide comfy trousers to be worn around the house? But of course another dress is always a good idea! *^v^*

    1. Katharina Post author

      I’m glad I’m not alone :D I already made those pants, they are great! But I’m wearing them so often, that I might need another pair soon :)

  2. Lisa

    What a cute shirt! Love the flutter sleeves!! Good call on that. And the inside construction of your top looks great…. nice and neat. Top goes perfect with your denim skirt. :)

  3. Valerie

    Hi ,

    I love your Aster.I am still working on mine. Just to let you know I had problems with the RIGHT SIDE.So I altered seam line on RIGHT SHOULDER AND then I have had to alter the RIGHT SLEEVE reducing the amount of gathers on the sleeve.Very fiddly but I think both sleeves look virtually ok now. I’m not doing anymore with this one.I just want to finish it and wear it before summer is gone.
    This is my first Colette pattern.I will make it again now I have done the alterations. With reference to the shoulder alteration.I think it’s not the pattern but I probably do have one shoulder higher/lower than the other.I think this style blouse shows more of my body shape faults rather than a shirt style blouse but I’m pleased I’ve made the effort to make some fitting changes.

    Happy sewing.
    Love your blogs

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thanks for your comment! You’re right, that might be it! Lately I was told by a doctor, that on of my shoulders is lower than the other, but I don’t remember which one it was ;) So, that might be the issue. I should do those alterations too, what exactly did you do? Did you alter the complete shoulder seam line or just parts of it?

      1. Valerie

        I altered ALL of the right shoulder seam,I made it an INCH seam allowance BUT then I had excess fabric when it came to do bias strip around edge .I folded and trimmed excess fabric away ( but I checked it was ok before I trimmed). Also, I had to take in small amount on yoke back.(I’ve just checked my muslin I made.) The right sleeve was the trickiest to correct .Unfortunately that was time consuming but I have it in now. I think I did 3 sleeve templates (muslin to get it as near as I can.) Just going to overlock the seams now. I chose the plain version to make .I don’t know how the alterations would work with the pleated version. I will be interested to know what you think and how you get on. Happy sewing !