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Raspberry Aster

img_20150816_172935I already told you: I have tons of this Raspberry Ikea fabric. The fabric was a blanket once! A real huge one! Would I have known that there are larger blankets than my 1,55 m blanket, I would have bought it! There’s nothing better than huge blankets. But, now I am stuck with my only slightly oversized blanket and needed to make something else out of this super oversized blanket. I already made a dress and pants out of it and I love wearing them, the fabric is breezy and felt really good against my skin. Also I like the raspberries, they make the dress so summery. Continue reading


img_20150628_183518Aster – that is the name that my grandmas dog had, when I was little. So you see, it was inevitably that I needed that new  Colette Pattern that’s called Aster I had some other reasons to buy it, too. For one it was on sale when it was released and I had a coupon code, because I receive the newsletter. For another I liked the pattern and another blouse couldn’t hurt, I really don’t have that much basics in my closet, and so I gave it a try! Continue reading