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Last March I was at the Wolllandia wool festival in Pforzheim, only 30 km away from my home. It was the first time this particular festival took place and there were hordes of people there. The space was very confined and there were lots of booths and sooo many wool you could buy! All of the sellers were indie dyers or people producing something related to wool and fiber arts. I went hunting for some fibers and I was successful :) Continue reading

Pixelated Pullover

img_20160206_154332I’m a little behind in blogging my knitted makes and so it took me till now to show you my first knitted pullover in 2016. I started the year (knittingwise) with continuing my  sock-yarn-leftovers-scarf, as well as my sock-yarn-leftovers-blanket, and I finished a pair of socks.  But all of that didn’t keep me long from pursuing my dream of having a closet full of handknit Cardigans and sweater! ;) And since my discovery of the Pixelated Pullover by Jennifer Beaumont I knew I needed to add another pullover to my collection! Continue reading


img_20160101_160351Winter’s become cold here! And the sweatshirt fabric’s become inexpensive. Those were two of the main reasons why I sewed another sweater. I have to kind of force myself to wear dresses when I ride my bike to train station and I thought it would come handy to have one more sweater. I decided to go for a pattern that is famous, almost holy amongst German sewing bloggers. It is called Martha! And made my Milchmonster. Continue reading


img_20150405_133644I am back from my trip to the black forest. I cannot say that the weather was great, not even remotely. It was really really cold in our cosy little caravan. But we had a heater and I have a lot of thick and warm sweaters. One of those I am going to show you now. Since I saw the City Scape Pullover from SakikoJones (here on Ravelry) I knew I needed one of those and last weekend it was my chance to wear it (hopefully) the last time this year as it should be spring by now! Continue reading