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Color gradient sweater

img_20161204_124311Almost 3 and a half years ago I knitted myself a color gradient sweater. I knitted it from some relatively thick cotton yarn and ended up using 7.0 mm needles and a lot of yarn. To achieve a kind of gradient color I knitted with 3 threads at a time, always changing the color of a single thread one at a time. The pullover was meant to be worn in spring but it got too thick for that and as it was knitted from cotton it also wasn‘t warm, enough to be worn during winter. Continue reading

Dragonflies Jumper

img_20161119_154554Okay, maybe some of you remember that I started spinning? Well, I just finished my first handspun sweater. I dyed, spun and knitted this sweater all by myself and I am enormously proud :) And that is the reason why I am showing you another sweater today ;) I couldn’t help it, I just had to show the pictures to the world :) Continue reading


img_20161022_151215On to the next item of my knitted sweaters stack :) Back in May we visited Iceland were everything is expensive except for wool. I don’t know how the Icelandic people did it but they imported sheep a while back, the sheep adapted to the climate and now they are know as Icelandic sheep. Their wool is very special. And it is very itchy, oh so itchy, but also very durable and warm. Continue reading


img_20160103_161827I recently added new colours to my favorite colour list! Usually I feel comfy in everything that is somehow purple or blue. Maybe pink and maybe even red. But these days I find myself amazed by coral. So when I had one of those days were I felt eager to try new things I ordered some coral and even turquoise wool! When they arrived my mood to try something new somehow had passed and I was sure that there was absolutely nothing in my closet that would match those colours. Continue reading


img_20160101_160351Winter’s become cold here! And the sweatshirt fabric’s become inexpensive. Those were two of the main reasons why I sewed another sweater. I have to kind of force myself to wear dresses when I ride my bike to train station and I thought it would come handy to have one more sweater. I decided to go for a pattern that is famous, almost holy amongst German sewing bloggers. It is called Martha! And made my Milchmonster. Continue reading


img_20150502_161206In the last couple of days I have seen a lot of Astoria pullovers in the Internet.  Colette seems to have touched a nerve! But I haven’t seen many patterns for cropped pullover. Just recently Deer&Doe published such a pattern but that’s it. Or maybe I just didn’t run across those patterns because I wasn’t looking for the. But in the moment I am producing a lot of dresses and I don’t have the time to knit a cropped cardigan everytime I sew a new dress, so I gave the Astoria pattern a try! Continue reading