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New Shirts

It is spring and my to sew list grows and grows. I am highly motivated and I have a lot more ideas than I have time to realize them. At least not all of them. Two new shirts recently made it into my wardrobe. Because I have made and written about both patterns several times I will show you both new shirts at once. Here we go.

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Lumberjack Shirt

After finishing the dress I showed last week, I decided that now was the time to sew something foolproof. And something fun. Ans what is more fun than making and wearing a flannel plaid shirt? I love sewing shirts, I love working with woven fabrics and what I love the most is cutting plaid on the bias :) And another plus: flannel feels great against the skin. To me flannel shirts are secret pajamas :) Continue reading

Butterick B5526

img_20151107_160832This autumn I seem to make man third repeats of one pattern. I like to think that is a good sign. I feel like I have found some basics that I can rely on like the Ginger Jeans pattern or the Kelly Skirt. It is more fun for me to try new patterns but recently I also found joy in redoing a pattern and trying to make a really clean finish. I tried that with the project I’ll show you in a second. It is my third attempt on Butterick B5526, my favourite and reliable shirt pattern and I am really satisfied with the way it turned out! Continue reading