Butterick B5526

img_20151107_160832This autumn I seem to make man third repeats of one pattern. I like to think that is a good sign. I feel like I have found some basics that I can rely on like the Ginger Jeans pattern or the Kelly Skirt. It is more fun for me to try new patterns but recently I also found joy in redoing a pattern and trying to make a really clean finish. I tried that with the project I’ll show you in a second. It is my third attempt on Butterick B5526, my favourite and reliable shirt pattern and I am really satisfied with the way it turned out!


I decided to go with french seams were I can. I didn’t dare to french seam the sleeve seam, hat seems really hard to me. But, well, I have left myself something challenging for the next try :)

img_20151106_131334 img_20151106_131427

I’m particularly proud of how the button bands and collar looks from the inside. I think it is really hard to catch all the fabric on the wrong side when you’re topstitching from the right side.

img_20151106_131257 img_20151106_131253

Even the cuffs worked out fine this time :)

img_20151106_131646 The fabric had a lot to do with my success I have to admit it :) It was a pleasure to work with it. It’s a medium weight woven cotton fabric that I bought at a fabric market in Karlsruhe. The friend who was with me didn’t really like it, looks to engineery I guess :D But I like that, well I am an engineer! This is the perfect work shirt, everybody will just assume that I am competent ;)

img_20151107_160524 img_20151107_160531

What I actually like about gingham is the look that placing the squares diagonally gives the garment, I just love that! And I love sewing that and thinking about the placement and stuff. I even tried to match the squares at the side seams, it’s really good I am no perfectionist, because that didn’t work out 100 %, but I’m still pleased :)

img_20151107_160737 img_20151106_131039

I sewed size 10 which is slightly too big for me I guess. But I like the way it fits me and I don’t like copying patterns for a third time, haha :D

img_20151107_160551 img_20151107_160543

I used very light interfacing for the button bands, the collar and the cuffs. With time I found out that I didn’t like those parts to be too stiff, but I think interfacing them makes the garment look a whole lot better.

img_20151106_131010 img_20151106_131052

All in all I really really like this shirt! I am glad I did it a third a time and I will do it several times more!

img_20151107_160527 img_20151107_160830

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Macht’s gut!


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6 thoughts on “Butterick B5526

  1. Carolyn

    Wow, your shirt looks so beautifully finished, you have truly mastered this style! The colour looks great on you too, very nice choice. It looks like the kind of great classic shirt that you can make over and over again with tiny variations and it will always be a good one :)

  2. Kathrin

    That’s a great blouse, I also love the chequerd lumberjack look! ;-) I also really like how it fits you – I guess you and I have similar sizes – although you’re a bit taller than me. So I think it might fit me, too. I haven’t yet found the ideal blouse pattern though I’ve tried several…