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Sunshine Cardigan

Usually I am not a fan of citrus fruit colors, especially orange and yellow. And if you have been following my blog for a while you know there now is a big ‘but’ coming up. So, here we go: but my aversions vanished a little in the past 6 months. Having a closet full of blue, red, green and purple sweaters might have had an impact. Having sweaters in every color of the rainbow is a great justification to make another one. Not that I need a justification, I’m past that stage now ;) Continue reading

Wedding: Featherweight Cardigan

KuM0411When I started planning my wedding dress it was clear to my that I would not only sew a dress but also knit a a cardigan. I simply love the combination dress/cardigan and I knew I would need it, as the wedding took place in winter. When I planned the cardigan back in November I really thought that this cardigan would be enough to keep me warm during the day. Oh how wrong I was! Continue reading