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Faux Cables Cardigan

The temperature has dropped since last weekend and I don’t mind, because that means it is cold enough to wear cardigans again :) Plus I have knitted several pieces that I haven’t blogged about yet, so I used a short break from the rain to take pictures. I made that cardigan half a year ago, I think it took me so long to blog about it because I made it from store-bought yarn, which kind of feels like cheating now that I can make my own yarn. Also I didn’t use instructions for this one but thought of the design myself. I was thinking of publishing my pattern for some time but I don’t like the design enough to go through all that work. But let’s start at the beginning: Continue reading


img_20161106_135239Shortly after showing off my selfish Icelandic sweater I am now ready to show you exhibit no 2: the unselfish Icelandic sweater! Before we went to Iceland Marvin thought about buying a real Icelandic sweater directly there. When he saw the reasonable but high prices for the sweaters knowing that I would love to knit him one myself he decided that that was what he wanted ;) I think it is a waste of suitcase space packing a bought jacket instead of some more skeins of wool, so naturally I was content with his decision. Continue reading

Alecia Beth Cardigan

img_20161010_184129Today I start pulling sweaters from my stack of handknit sweaters I told you about last week ;) I’ll start with the oldest one. I knitted it in February but as there was a lot going on my life the first half of the year I wasn’t able to blog about it before it got too warm. Luckily it got colder again and so the cardigan already got a lot of wears. It definitely fills a gap in my wardrobe (as if there really was one… ;)) because it is red and warm and cropped. I’m not sure what was first the pattern or the yarn. Continue reading

Wedding: Featherweight Cardigan

KuM0411When I started planning my wedding dress it was clear to my that I would not only sew a dress but also knit a a cardigan. I simply love the combination dress/cardigan and I knew I would need it, as the wedding took place in winter. When I planned the cardigan back in November I really thought that this cardigan would be enough to keep me warm during the day. Oh how wrong I was! Continue reading

Agatha Cardigan

img_20160129_140909I didn’t have a single purple cardigan in my wardrobe until now. And that despite the fact, that I declared purple to be my favorite color. I was really glad to have another excuse to buy yarn. And again I ordered Drops yarn. I’m so glad that I found this source of yarn that is cheap in price but good in quality, I don’t know how else I could afford knitting all those garments. This time I ordered some Drops Merino Extra Fine in a dark purple. I ordered a lot of merino wool these last days, because I like its softness but I begin to find out, that merino isn’t everything. Continue reading

Fair-Isle Cardigan

img_20160206_153629Last year at this time I was picking out the yarn I was going to use to knit my fair-isle dress, that I then finished in summer and showed in autumn. As I used different yarn than the one suggested in the instructions that has much less yardage per skeins I orderer way to much yarn and had over 1 kg left of Drops Karisma in all the different colors. I thought about what to make from it, maybe a blanket or some pillow cases? In the end I decided to make a cardigan, who would have thought that?! ;) Continue reading

Navy Miette

img_20151230_160046I hope you had a good start in 2016! I certainly had. A lot of knitting, hanging on the sofa, sewing, taking walks and eating. Our neighbor partied a lot. Since Christmas we heard basses all day and night long. And some guy shouting ‘yappaaa’ every half hour. For quite some time now he doesn’t even open the door, when we try to complain and our landlord stopped answering the phone (and on sunday we found dog turd on our neighbor’s balcony… at least I hope it was dog turd.. he doesn’t own a dog..) Continue reading

Turquoise Hetty

img_20150830_182852It would be a pity if I had to stop wearing the sleeveles blouse I showed on wednesday just because it is getting colder.Luckily I knitted myself a matching cardigan ;) Okay, I admit, that the matching wasn’t intentional it just happened. When I looked for fabric to stabilize the button bands I realized that the blouse’s fabric matched very well because there is a tiny bit of turquoise in it. But back then I wouldn’t have thought that the blouse and the cardigan might look good together but when I tried it just for fun I actually liked the combination. Continue reading

Marion the second

img_20150802_190419My second Marion! Right now I am reusing all of my patterns. Okay, that is not entirely true, I am still buying new ones, but not as many as usual! And my first Marion was made from left overs from another jacket and from the beginning I had planned to make another version of this cardigan, that has only one color. There was a big sale over at Drops and I bought lots of their Big Merino yarn. It is inexpensive and the quality is great. Plus it is worsted weight, and that is what I knit most! The reason for that is, that Andi’s pattern are written for worsted weight yarns and I love her patterns ;) Continue reading


img_20150621_164522So, today I’m going to show you what I wore at the sewing blogger meeting in Stuttgart in April. Yes,  I finished knitting this cardigan back in April. I’m so behind with blogging right now! When I knitted this thing it was still snowing! Okay that was bad luck, we had terribly cold weather when we went camping in the black forest. Unfortunately it is still so cold here in southern germany right now, that I need to wear that cardigan in order not to freeze! Has also it’s good sides, but right now i would rather not be needing it! Continue reading