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Wedding: Minoru Jacket

KuM0222At the end of December I began to rethink if my wedding dress paired with my cardigan would really be warm enough in February. The winter had come and I began to remember what that felt like. We had some really warm days in January and my hopes went up that maybe in February it wouldn’t be as cold as I’d thought. In the end I was so relieved to have sewn a real jacket for the wedding, because it was cold and it was raining. Continue reading

Wedding: Featherweight Cardigan

KuM0411When I started planning my wedding dress it was clear to my that I would not only sew a dress but also knit a a cardigan. I simply love the combination dress/cardigan and I knew I would need it, as the wedding took place in winter. When I planned the cardigan back in November I really thought that this cardigan would be enough to keep me warm during the day. Oh how wrong I was! Continue reading

What I really did this winter

KuM0130Well, I thought of this creative headline for instance ;) But I also got married. To Marvin! In February in Gengenbach which is in the deepest Black Forest. Marvin’s Family used to always spend their holidays there all together when he was young and it was his grandmother’s wish (that she told me since I know her) to go there once again. As all of our relatives live far aways from us, so far that they would have to spend the night, and we live only 1 hour or so away from Gengenbach we decided to get married there. It was a lot easier to find accommodations there and we even managed to get every one into the exact same holiday homes Marvin and his family spend their former holidays in. Continue reading