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img_20160429_131358I feel like I haven’t sewn a dress in years. Or at leas it felt like it ;) As soon as the weather got better I felt the urge to make summer dress. And boy have I made one hell of a summer dress! But that’s not what I have for you today. Before I had this urge I was able to convince myself to sew a plain dress for a change. I took out some lightweight denim that I had in my closet for years and I made a plain dress from it. I’m so proud! Continue reading


img_20150627_191201Last time I sewed the Flora/Elisalex Dress Hack it was still winter. Nevertheless I wore this long sleeved dress last week! Just think about that! It is supposed to be summer here! But that didn’t stop me from sewing summer dresses in May already. I know I made this one in May, because you can see party of it on my ironing board when I took pictures for the MeMadeMay theme “sewing space”. Thankfully the summer came three days ago and I can now show you a real summery dress! Continue reading