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Marlborough and Geneva

img_20150913_173704So, Bra Making Fever took me again ;) I ordered some bra kits and I just couldn’t stand the idea of letting them stay for longer than lets say: 3 days rest in my stash. An so directly after finishing my first test Marlborough I cut into this beautiful dark red lace and fabric and made another Marlborough! And matching undies for that matter. I ordered at sewy and there is always way to much fabric and lace in their kits. After making one pair of panties I still have enough left to make another bra or briefs. Continue reading


img_20150830_184329I sewed bras twice in my life. For both I used patterns from a German bra making company, sewy. Both bras didn’t fit. The first one didn’t fit because I chose the wrong size. After I had published the post a friend told me that most women wear the wrong bra size and I started informing myself and found out that I actually wasn’t a 34A, but a 30D. I already had realized that a 34 band is too wide, but 32A didn’t fit me , so I stuck with 34A. Can you believe what kind of reveal it was to me, when I read that the cup size alone doesn’t say anything about the volume of the cup?! Continue reading