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Watson Bras

Recently I managed to sew three fitting bras for myself. And as soon as I completed this task I began questioning whether I really needed them. It was a lot of fun sewing the bras and and all those bras that led to theses three fitting bras, but somehow I never really questioned the bra wearing itself before in my life. It just happened as if it was something natural, something you do, when you grow up. But wearing a bra was most of the time uncomfortable to me and I never felt like I needed the support that much. Continue reading

A fitting bra (or three)

MakeBraDl03_25I still cannot believe it and I’m really trying to hold back a little but I think, I really think I sewed myself a fitting and comfortable bra! my first! I had some fitting issues over the last 1,5 years, I solved them all but the one problem I had with underwired bras remained: the underwires. It seemed like everything was fine in theory, the band was tight enough, the bridge laid flat but the underwires gaped underneath my breasts. That led to high pressure where th underwires pressed against my breastbone and underneath my arms. Continue reading

A Bikini and Underwear

img_20160505_162456The journey continues :) After the Watson Bra success I decided to make some swimwear from that pattern, too. I mean, I really like the shape and I knew it would fit me well,so why not! The sewing process was quick and not that hard. I bought some swimwear lining, which is super elastic and thin and a metal closure. The widest one I could find was 25mm wide, so I had to redraw the centre back of the band, which is a lot wider, as I decided to sew the Watson Bra variation with the wide band. Continue reading

Advances in bra sewing: Watson

img_20160328_142136Okay, I’ll have to admit that this has gotten harder than I thought it would! Fitting bras seems to be effortless for some people and I know that I can go to a store and buy a fitting bra without any problems. So why it is so hard to sew a fitting bra for myself? Over the last few month I did manage to sew some Boylston Bras. And oh, do they look nice, but the fit is rather peculiar! Continue reading

Boylston Bra

img_20160214_132750I’m back! We’re done moving. Well, of course we’re not done, not everything has found its place yet and we still have to make give the old apartment officially back, but We are now officially living here, we finally van access the Internet and I have already sewn a dress in my new sewing room :) And that is all that matters, right? ;) I’m not done furnishing my sewing room, so you guys will have to wait for some photos of the finished room, but I promise I’ll get there and I’ll totally show off my new bigger and improved sewing room :) Continue reading

Polka Dot Boylston Bra

img_20160131_152309I still don’t feel comfortable with my bra sewing skills. And I certainly don’t feel like I have mastered bra sewing at all. I tried some patterns and sewed some bras but no one of them was a bra that I felt I could wear everyday and be comfortable. The red Marlborough I made came close. But after a few wears I realized that the cup is tiny bit too small which looks weired underneath some of my tighter tops. The same thing only worse with the Boylston bra: the cup was too small and the band too tight. Continue reading

Boylston Bra

img_20150913_174236As already announced, I made a Boylston Bra! In general I prefer to wear bras that are lined with foam and after sewing those great fitting Marlboroughs (here and here) I was eager to try the new Orange Lingerie Boylston Bra pattern that can be lined with foam. In the beginning I wasn’t sure about those broad straps, but when I saw more and more Boylston Bras appearing in the net I decided to give the pattern a try.

Continue reading

Marlborough and Geneva

img_20150913_173704So, Bra Making Fever took me again ;) I ordered some bra kits and I just couldn’t stand the idea of letting them stay for longer than lets say: 3 days rest in my stash. An so directly after finishing my first test Marlborough I cut into this beautiful dark red lace and fabric and made another Marlborough! And matching undies for that matter. I ordered at sewy and there is always way to much fabric and lace in their kits. After making one pair of panties I still have enough left to make another bra or briefs. Continue reading


img_20150830_184329I sewed bras twice in my life. For both I used patterns from a German bra making company, sewy. Both bras didn’t fit. The first one didn’t fit because I chose the wrong size. After I had published the post a friend told me that most women wear the wrong bra size and I started informing myself and found out that I actually wasn’t a 34A, but a 30D. I already had realized that a 34 band is too wide, but 32A didn’t fit me , so I stuck with 34A. Can you believe what kind of reveal it was to me, when I read that the cup size alone doesn’t say anything about the volume of the cup?! Continue reading