img_20150830_184329I sewed bras twice in my life. For both I used patterns from a German bra making company, sewy. Both bras didn’t fit. The first one didn’t fit because I chose the wrong size. After I had published the post a friend told me that most women wear the wrong bra size and I started informing myself and found out that I actually wasn’t a 34A, but a 30D. I already had realized that a 34 band is too wide, but 32A didn’t fit me , so I stuck with 34A. Can you believe what kind of reveal it was to me, when I read that the cup size alone doesn’t say anything about the volume of the cup?! So after that reveal I sewed the second bra in 30 D this time. And it didn’t fit at all, the band was too wide, the cups to huge. So I had to unpick them and in the end the bra looked crappy and I just wore it once. Until now I didn’t find the motivation to give it another try. I had a lot of fun sewing those bras, but I was kind of frustrated when they didn’t fit. Now there’s a sew along amongst German bloggers, they’re sewing bras and that brought back my motivation. I have read so many good things about the Orange Lingerie Marlborough Bra pattern and I decided to give it a try.


I ordered one bra kit in a dark red, the fabric is beautiful. And as I had a lot of fabric and powernet leftover from my last bra I also ordered straps and elastics and stuff to make another blue bra, so that I would have a bra that fit all the matching panties I made. Also I thought it would be nice to start with a trial version of the pattern.


According to the instructions I need a size 32B. I decided not to believe that and go for a size 30D. I completely lined the bra with powernet. I did that because my lace and fabric was very elastic and the pattern called for fabrics with little to no movement. It also has the nice side effect that I didn’t have to finish my seam allowances ;)


I ordered a 2 hooks closure and had to alter the band width because it was drawn for a 3 hooks closure.


I lined the bridge with net that has no movement, the other German pattern called for that. I think that was a bad idea. Should have lined it with powernet too, now I got some wiered wrinkles in that area.

img_20150830_184606 img_20150830_184549

I’m not happy with my topstitching too. Should have used a more invisible yarn color. I’ll need to work on that!

img_20150830_184529Some remarks on the instructions: I didn’t find them as helpful as everybody is saying. There are only little drawings and some information are even missing. Like which pattern piece to cut from what fabric. Or how much you have to stretch the elastic. To me it was also kind of unclear how to attach the underwire casing. For that pattern price I expected more.


At least the bra fits! It actually fits great! At first I thought it was to tight, but then I found out that this “too tight feeling” came from the super stable underwires I chose. When I realized that I changed them and used normal ones and no I feel great wearing the bra! :)

It was a lot easier to sew than the bra I sewed before, because the bands was wider. There was simply more space. Sadly I don’t like the looks of this wide band on my. I think I will change that a little for my next bra.

I also found it very easy to attach the straps! This actually is a great and neat way to attach straps I think.

img_20150830_184315 img_20150830_184323

All in all I’m happy with this bra. It is a lot better than the ones I did before simply because it fits! I already made some changes to the pattern and I definitely sew another Marlborough and I also have my eyes on the Boylston Bra pattern ;)

img_20150830_184329Have a great day!


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4 thoughts on “Marlborough

  1. Monserratt Lopez

    It’s beautiful Kat!! I can’t wait to see more of your bras!! :)

    Actually, when you buy RTW, you should actually try different sizes with different cup sizes that fall around the one you think you are. Depending on the design of the bra you may need different sizes.

    I’m glad this bra fits you well and that you are happy.

    I was never able to make a wearable bra from instructions in a sewalong. The construction can be very complicated. The only thing that made a difference for me was the Craftsy class with Beverly.

    Happy bramaking! ;)

  2. Noelle

    Congrats! After two tries it must feel great to have one that fits. I’ve tried the Watson bra but felt pretty meh about it. Also had trouble with sizing and the first ended up too small, the second too big. Probably I should try again. ;-)

  3. Carolyn

    Oooh, it’s just beautiful! and looks perfectly made to me :)
    That’s interesting what you said about the instructions; I haven’t tried the pattern yet, but I do have the Boylston and will be trying it out soon. I love the kit you chose. It’s quite hard to get fabrics and laces and findings all in lovely perfectly matching colours like this. Maybe I should check out some kits too!

  4. Lisa

    What a beautiful bra!!! It was interesting to read your information and learn a little about the process of bra making….. and fitting. :)