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Gillian Wrap Dress

img_8380Yes, another dress! Finally another dress ;) And I tell you in advance: there’s not that much to talk about this one. It is my third attempt on the Gillian Wrap Dress in size 34. I almost sewed this dress right out of the envelope (well, out of the printer..), I only had to do my usual length alterations and it fit me! There are some variations to this pattern. However I have only made the dress so far. Skirt-only and wrap-top-only variations are included in the pattern and there are special instructions for them. I wanted to try both variation for a long time. But you know.. when I have to decide between a dress and anything else, I always end up sewing the dress ;) Continue reading

Gillian Wrap Dress in Winter

img_20151023_145139I planned on blogging about my newly made jeans today, but unfortunately it is this time of year were it is really hard to make good pictures as it is always dark or rainy or both when I have time to take them. So instead I’m showing you photos that Marvin made about two weeks ago from my second attempt on the Gillian wrap dress. My first one was a summer version and since I made it I knew that a needed another more wintery version of it and so here it is! Continue reading

Gillian Wrap Dress

IMG_2283This week there is a theme at the German Me MadeMittwoch (Mittwoch is the word for Wednesday). The theme is wrap dress. And although I knew that this theme day would come I didn’t bother sewing the wrap dress I planned on sewing a while ago until this sunday. So when I realized that the theme day will bis this Wednesday I finally sewed the Gillian Wrap Dress. Continue reading