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A Bikini and Underwear

img_20160505_162456The journey continues :) After the Watson Bra success I decided to make some swimwear from that pattern, too. I mean, I really like the shape and I knew it would fit me well,so why not! The sewing process was quick and not that hard. I bought some swimwear lining, which is super elastic and thin and a metal closure. The widest one I could find was 25mm wide, so I had to redraw the centre back of the band, which is a lot wider, as I decided to sew the Watson Bra variation with the wide band. Continue reading


IMG_2502I’m kinda annoyed by sewing bras. I tried it two times and it didn’t really work out. The fit was awful. The pattern I used was awful, too. So maybe I need to spend some money on a good pattern and give it another try. But right now I just don’t feel like it. Instead the idea of sewing some bikinis spread in my head the moment the weather started to become better. So I started looking for patterns and fabrics. I ended up buying most of the things at sewy, they sell everything that has to do with bra and bikini making. Also the German Badenixen Sew Along was a great source of inspiration for me. Continue reading