img_20161106_135717It is time of the years again when I sew zipped hoodies. That is because wearing hoodies this time of the year is so practical. You can wear them shut, you can wear them open and you can easily take them off. This is crucial for this kind of weather right now. Super cold when the sun is away, a lot warmer when it shows up. And insanely warm inside, especially on trains. I don’t know why it is always so hot inside of trains. I’m only on it for like 10 minutes and I have to take my jacket off each time. anyway, moving on. Another great reason for me to sew a hoodie was that I needed my new serger for that ;) And that I had bought this fabric without having any idea what to do with it.I just bought it because I thought it looked nice and fury and warm 8okay, and it was on sale). Turned out that it gave off a lot of fluff and needed to be turned into garment right away. Apart from the fraying the fabric is great. It is super soft and warm and looks nice from both sides and because of that I turned it into a Hoodie.


I chose a pattern from a German designer Janice by Pattydoo. I sewed this pattern once before and liked it a lot! Pattydoo is an apprenticed seamstress that started a sewing pattern business a few years ago. Her patterns are well drafted and the instructions are very clear. However most of them are only available in German. But the instructions are all available as youtube video, so you can see what needs o be done. Also she sells the patterns for very little money, this one for example only cost me 3 €.

img_20161106_135636 img_20161106_135626

I myself am not a huge fan of video tutorials, I just don’t like following them. I like written instructions a lot more. But as I omitted the facings because of the much too bulky fabric on the inside of the hoodie I had to change the assembling order and didn’t need the instructions anyway. Everything got a little easier this way. But this also meant I had to deal with hiding the serged seams. Well, I didn’t have to. But I wanted to.

img_20161106_135621 img_20161106_135651

So first I wrapped the serged seam allowance in the hood with woven bias binding, laid it to one side and stitched it to the hood.

img_20161106_143043 img_20161106_143104

Afterwards I assembled hood and jacket. The jacket was already assembled at this point, the zipper was attached but not yet turned right side out. The front of the hood was still unfinished. I wrapped this seam allowances with bias binding too and stitched it to the jacket.

img_20161106_143109 img_20161106_143139

Then I wrapped the whole center front with bias binding, folded it to the wrong side and stitched it to the jacket.

img_20161106_143142 img_20161106_143148

Et voila: all looks clean ! :) Well, okay, my stitching lines are a little wonky. I blame the bulky fabric!

img_20161106_135807 img_20161106_135803

I sewed the hoodie in size C with corresponds to size 36 but has its own name because German sewers tend to not measure themselves before deciding on a size to sew. This goes so far that a lot of the German pattern designers do not even include a measurement chart in their instructions. Madness, if you ask me. It is also not usual either that they include seam allowances in their pattern. I don’t know if that has tradition here, I mean, Burda doesn’t do that either, but I like it better when it is included. And thankfully Pattydoo includes seam allowances in her patterns.  In this particular case the included seam allowance is only 0.7 cm which is a little small for my taste.

The waist ribbing is smaller than suggested in the pattern, because I ran out of ribbing ;) There are no pattern pieces for the ribbings, but the measurements are given in the instructions. I lengthened the bodice and the sleeves each by 10 cm. And I found the zipper in my stash. No clue how it got there: But I’m not complaining ;)

img_20161106_135731The jacket has proven itself on two hikes so far. It is very cozy and warm and light. On the pictured you see here I amd wearing it with my first pair of Ginger jeans that I also like for hiking.


And that is it from my side for today! Thank you for stopping by and reading :)


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2 thoughts on “Janice

  1. Carolyn

    Ooh, lovely, it looks both cute and cosy warm. And you’ve finished the inside edges here so beautifully, it looks very professionally made. I love hoodies too; they are such cool things and look great with everything, jeans, dresses and skirts,, I can see this one looking great with all your dresses too.

  2. Lisa

    What a cute hoodie and can see why you wanted that fabric! You finished the inside so nice and neat too. Isn’t it funny how paying attention to the inside of a garment, which, for the most part no one will see but the wearer, can make one feel so good!! :)