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Rosarí Skirt And Mira Top

As announced last month I made another version of the Rosarí Skirt by Pauline Alice. Temperatures are still unusually high here and there was no way I would wear tights and so I only wore the first Rosarí Skirt I made once when Marvin took the pictures.  The skirt got a little short due to fabric limitations and as I liked the pattern and the skirt a lot I gave the pattern another try. Again I used left over fabric from a pair of pants I made for Marvin to make this skirt. I haven’t blogged about his pants yet, I think the skirt is much more interesting anyway though ;) Continue reading

Mira II

Last weekend I finally sewed a dress that I initially planned to wear last spring ;) I ordered this super cute fabric at Snaply, a German onlineshop known for their innovative sewing gadgets. Apparently they also sell beautiful knit fabric. I ordered two meters of this springy bird fabric and paid 14.30 €/m. Sadly the darker colors bled out into the light beige during the pre-washing procedure. I tried to cut around the baddest stains, but I didn’t manage to avoid them all. Continue reading

Mira Dress

It took me sooo log to finally make the Pattydoo Mira Dress Pattern into a dress. I knew I wanted to give this pattern a try from the day it was released, the neckline really intrigued me! I bought fabric for this project ages ago, but it still lies well hidden in my closet. In the end I made the pattern from a fabric that I found spontaneously at the latest fabric market in Karlsruhe. I already knew the fabric and that I would like it as a dress, because I made my first dress ever from the same fabric. Continue reading

Jedediah Pants & Max T-Shirt

I did some unselfish sewing! For Marvin, of course. He was thinking about buying two or three new pairs of jeans.I couldn’t let that happen, because, you know, that would be a total waste of fun! Also I thought that I now have a good fitting pattern for pants for him. It needed a little adjustment to pass as a pair of regular jeans, but nothing too difficult. Or least less difficult than finding a jeans pattern for men. Continue reading


img_20161106_135717It is time of the years again when I sew zipped hoodies. That is because wearing hoodies this time of the year is so practical. You can wear them shut, you can wear them open and you can easily take them off. This is crucial for this kind of weather right now. Super cold when the sun is away, a lot warmer when it shows up. And insanely warm inside, especially on trains. I don’t know why it is always so hot inside of trains. I’m only on it for like 10 minutes and I have to take my jacket off each time. anyway, moving on. Another great reason for me to sew a hoodie was that I needed my new serger for that ;) And that I had bought this fabric without having any idea what to do with it. Continue reading


img_20151206_114500After having finished my super comfy hoodie I showed on Wednesday I was so totally in the zone that I instantly made another hoodie. I didn’t even have to rethread my serger and I didn’t switch the pattern designer. I made another pullover from German pattern designer pattydoo. This pattern is called “Lynn” and sadly it is not available in English. I’m sorry! But it is very simple and quick to sew and the pattern is very cheap and well drafted. Continue reading


img_20151206_113804‘Chaaaaandler’ is what is in my head when I hear ‘Janice’. and when I think about I guess Janice was one of the best characters in friends! So I was kind of pleased when German pattern designer pattydoo released her new hoodie pattern ‘Janice. She always gives the patterns English names, but unfortunately most of them are only available in German. The time she released ‘Janice’ the male counterpart ‘Jordan’ was released, too. It is basically the same hoodie only for men and I already made one for Marvin. Continue reading


IMG_3457Pattydoo is a German pattern designer and lately she released some men patterns. The latest is the Jordan Hoodie. Most of pattydoo’s design are very basic and kept simple, they are also very inexpensive, like 3 € per pattern. Uncommon for a German pattern designer there are always seam allowances included in the patterns. They are only 1 cm, but better than nothing. Most patterns don’t come with written instructions but video tutorials. Marvin liked the design and so I decided to give it a try. It’s not like there are many alternatives for men’s hoodies sewing pattern out there. Continue reading

Jedediah and Tom

img_20150510_173948Amelie infected me! She plans on sewing every month at least one garment for her boyfriend. How kind is that? Marvin has been asking for quite some time for a new pair of shorts and so I decided to make him shorts! Since I don’t go shopping for clothes anymore, Marvins doesn’t go either. He’s always telling me that he needs new stuff. Poor Marvin ;) After some Internet research I found that Thread Theory has some beautiful guys patterns! Continue reading