img_20150621_1647124Usually I don’t sew bags. It’s just not my thing, I’m not having fun sewing bags. I do have fun buying bags though :) But recently I had the problem that I needed a simple dark blue bag. I don’t have any casual bags. I have one small pink patent lather back. A turquoise back pack an olive bag with a colorful carrying strap and a grey one with pink stars. When I tried to buy a simple ordinary bag it just didn’t work. I don’t know what’s wrong with me there… I think it’s my subconscious. It refuses to let me spend money on something that doesn’t scream “HERE AM I!”. Because I have the same problem with shoes. But luckily I have a very smart subconscious, because it also refused to let Marvin through away his old jeans when they didn’t fit him anymore. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I like to think that my subconscious did. And one week later, when I was on vacation it let me know that I was going to make a bag from the old jeans ;) Thanks subconscious! img_20150621_164712

There are a lot of bags made from old jeans out there in the Internet. There are two categories: bags that look like they’re made from old pants and bags that don’t look like that. I wasn’t sure with which way to go until I got home and found a beautiful example called Lotta in the book Tolle Taschen selbst genäht by Miriram Dornemann. Obviously it is German ;) But the bag pattern isn’t that special I have to say. A shopping bag with a leather bottom. Similar to Elke’s bag I had an eye on for quite some time…

img_20150621_170039 img_20150621_170302

I cut Marvin’s jeans into straps, sewed them together, topstitched them and cut the bag’s front piece from that. The back is made from one piece.

img_20150621_170326The bottom (or is it gusset?) is sewn from leather I had here waiting for its destination! :) I also pulled the label from one of the jeans and attached it to the front as I had seen it on Elke’s bag.

img_20150621_170344 img_20150621_170404

I copied the way the zipper was inserted from one of my old bags, it got a little too long. The lining is made from an ikea fabric, i must have bought 10 m or something from it, because it just won’t vanish, no matter how much I sew from it. I used a jeans back pocket for the inside, this idea is from the book and  liked it! Anyhow, the straps are different. I didn’t want those short straps for over the shoulder, because I cannot ride my bike with those things. I wanted one long strap. And it took me ages to decide how I would like to  attach them to the back. In teh end I decided to go with carabiners. When I biked into the city to buy them I realized that they cost 10 € a piece in the stores. Pfffff I bought them at ebay in the end. Because the post was on strike it took some time until they arrived and I had time to rethink my strap solution. In the end I went with straps made from jeans and I like it!

img_20150621_170302 img_20150621_170110

It was real struggle to get those eyelets into the bag. Waaaaay too much fabric there. So I used 2 eyelets per side. I think they are placed a little too deep, I had troubles getting those carabiners in..


Somehow this bag didn’t turn out to be ordinary. Great, another bag I can’t wear with anything ;) But I really had a lot of fun! So much fun, that I made another bag. This one isn’t ordinary either, but whatever, I’m happy! ;)

Macht’s gut!


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3 thoughts on “Lotta

  1. Hana

    Lovely refashion! Your bag turned out so adorable and for sure it will be very useful :) I had some jeans from husband and son waiting for me to refashion them and I am thinking of making a bag as well. I hope I can start working on it soon :)

  2. Noelle

    Turned out to be a really cool bag! Like all the ways you managed to recycle jeans – like the pocket on the inside and the label on the outside. Carabiners for the strap is a great idea too.

  3. Joanna Kostrzewa

    You don’t make ordinary items, why did you expect to sew an ordinary looking bag?!….. *^O^* It’s a bag with a twist and that’s what makes it interesting, great job!