Tania Culottes

img_20150712_185040I am so behind with blogging the garments I sewed over the last two month. I had a lot of free time and so one garment after the other emerged and the one I was making looked always better than the one I was making before. So somehow the second Tania Culottes (pattern by Megan Nielsen) got lost in a pile of garments. I think I made it bay in May and then just forgot about it. I cannot even remember when I bought this fabric, it must have been in my closet for ages. But all the pattern pieces fit on it and so I gave this fabric a try.

It was a little hard to fit the pieces on the fabric AND match the stripes. But I am pleased with the way it turned out. The reason why I needed a lot of fabric is that I lengthened the pattern pieces the first time I sewed this pattern, Megan Nielsen even wrote a tutorial on lengthening the culottes.


I again sewed size S (even if I should have sewed size XS according to the chart, but S fits me well) and I didn’t do anything different from the last time, except not lining this skirt. I wanted it to be a summer skirt (or summer pants or whatever).

img_20150712_185322 img_20150712_185215

My new culottes fit me very well and this time I put more effort into the hem and made it very tiny and it worked out fine, yay! Also I am a little proud of how the stripes match at the side seams! :) (Although this really wasn’t that hard with this pattern ;))

img_20150712_185237 img_20150712_185301

I found that culottes are very convenient when it comes to bike riding. Nothing beats culottes on a bike. Some people even thought about starting to sew when I showed them that the apparent skirt are actually pants. At first they looked a little dazed when I lifted my skirt to show them but then they were all pretty impressed.

img_20150712_185333 img_20150712_185120

With that being sad I really hope I can find it in my heart to love these culottes as much as I love my winter culottes.


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7 thoughts on “Tania Culottes

  1. Lisa

    Fantastic stripe matching!!! You matched those stripes so perfectly, I kept thinking ‘where’s the culottes, I see a skirt’ until the picture where you pulled the sides out! I am completely amazed. These are oh-so-cute! :)

  2. Joanna Kostrzewa

    I’m so behind leaving comments on your beautiful garments, shame on me!….
    Love your fabric! I’ve never worn culottes but it seems like a good idea, especially for the windy days. I remember trying to catch my skirt on the lighthouse in Enoshima, it was impossible and with culottes I could just stand there and enjoy the view!… *^w^*

  3. Carolyn

    Hehe, I could have sworn it was a skirt, until I saw the wide-legged picture!! It totally looks like a skirt when it’s sitting down. Why don’t you love them? they do look great on you. I do suspect though that you look good in everything! :)

    1. Katharina Post author

      I can assure you, that there are things I look ridiculous in :-D
      I’m not sure why I don’t love them, I think it’s the colors..