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Bliss Bag

Today I have something different to show you. A little different at least. On their Facebook page Woolmakers shared someone else’s self made transport bag for the Bliss spinning wheel, and I was head over heels. Unfortunately I cannot say who actually made the Bag Woolmakers shared, as I don’t have a Facebook account. I sometimes take a look at their Facebook page because their website has very sparse for over half a year now. I hope they’ll get it going again some day, because obviously I am not a fan of Facebook and they make it pretty hard for people to read posts if they are not a member. However, were was I? I yes, I was determined to make a Bliss Bag for myself. Continue reading

Freedom Backpack

Until lately I used my Cooper Backpack to transport all my work stuff and it definitely wasn‘t made for that. It looses its shape so much, I’m missing pockets, it is not comfy and most annoying of all: just not big enough. I also had to repair some seams and it just looks like the whole thing is going to fall apart in the near future. So I thought about buying a backpack, because obviously I cannot sew a backpack that is sturdy and big enough to take with me to work almost everyday. Continue reading

Jeans Upcycling Bag

img_20160410_123858Again I’m late with my contribution to the German Bag Sew Along Challenge. I have finished the bag at the beginning of April but I didn’t find the time to blog about it. you see I prefer blogging about making clothing. And I really enjoy writing super long post and writing them in German and in English. And that just takes time and thus it is sometimes hard to find the motivation writing about bags. So the fact that I take part in the challenge is what motivates me here. Continue reading

Sports bags

img_20160207_130859I’m glad I already wrote that I’d participate in this year’s Bag Sew Along over at Katharina’s blog I think otherwise the bags I’ll show you wouldn’t exist. Sewing bags just isn’t that much fun for me as sewing clothes is. I don’t know what it is but it is really hard for me to get motivated when it comes to sewing bags. And this month’ theme is sports bags. I have a great and functioning sports bag. I is huge and I once bought it when I needed it to carry my sports clothes and my university stuff. Continue reading


img_20160110_122019I am not quite sure how to start this post. I think first I have to explain to you something special/peculiar about the German sewing blogger scene. When German bloggers talk about ‘Sew Alongs’ they don’t mean those American/Canadian/english speaking Sew Alongs were one persons posts about making a garment to explain the process to others. It is more like one persons says: ‘hey let’s sew dresses for Christmas’ (as an example) and then everyone sews different dresses reporting back about their progress every week. Continue reading


img_20150621_170559As announced in my previous bag post I made a second bag! I had the  Colette Cooper Pattern on my computer for quite some time now. I bought it the last time everything was on sale over at Colette’s. I think it was the black Friday Week or something. I bought some other stuff too, like an old seabag because Christiane always sews such beautiful bags from them. But still I didn’t find the motivation. Continue reading


img_20150621_1647124Usually I don’t sew bags. It’s just not my thing, I’m not having fun sewing bags. I do have fun buying bags though :) But recently I had the problem that I needed a simple dark blue bag. I don’t have any casual bags. I have one small pink patent lather back. A turquoise back pack an olive bag with a colorful carrying strap and a grey one with pink stars. When I tried to buy a simple ordinary bag it just didn’t work. I don’t know what’s wrong with me there… Continue reading

Self-drafted duffle bag

img_20150329_121749I started adding english translastions to my blog posts, yeah! I recently realized that some of my readers do not speak german, so I figured I could write my post additionally in english. They are not going to be quite as long as they are in german, but anyway, better than nothing, right? So, return to the subject: My boyfriend Marvin had his birthday recently and I sewed him a bag. Continue reading