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Rosarí Skirt And Mira Top

As announced last month I made another version of the Rosarí Skirt by Pauline Alice. Temperatures are still unusually high here and there was no way I would wear tights and so I only wore the first Rosarí Skirt I made once when Marvin took the pictures.  The skirt got a little short due to fabric limitations and as I liked the pattern and the skirt a lot I gave the pattern another try. Again I used left over fabric from a pair of pants I made for Marvin to make this skirt. I haven’t blogged about his pants yet, I think the skirt is much more interesting anyway though ;) Continue reading

Rosarí Skirt

So, I decided after finishing Marvin’s Shorts that rather than making him another pair I was going to make myself a new skirt first from the leftovers of the shorts’ fabric. You see, unlike a normal person I do not use bookmarks in my browser, instead I leave tabs open, which results in a lot of open tabs ;) It really is a mess. In one tab I have had the website showing all the beautiful designs of Pauline Alice open for a long time now and now was the change to actually buy a pattern and close that tab :) Continue reading

Outfit Along 2018 – Linen top and denim skirt

This is already my fifth time participating in the Outfit Along (OAL). It started back in 2014 when I knit my first seamless top down sweater and sewed my Indie-Designer pattern. Both were eye opening experiences. For everyone who does not know the Outfit Along, you can read about it here. In summary it is a knit along combined with a sew along with the goal of making a whole outfit during June and July and showing it off on Raverly. The event is organized by Andi Satterlund and Lauren aka Lladybird. Continue reading

Flamingo Chardon Skirt

I don’t know if this true for where you live but Flamingo Prints can be seen everywhere here in Germany right now. Last year it was the pineapple and the water melon, and before everyone was into foxes. Like with each of these trends I didn’t know that flamingos were a thing right now. You have to believe me, I’m not a hipster! I simply did not know! I saw this print out of the corner of my eye, when I was attending a sewing blogger meet up in a fabric store. I had to pause my conversation and buy this fabric! Continue reading

Anémone and Renfrew

img_20160122_160418I sewed a skirt! I already announced that I will sew a lot a skirts this winter, so no one is allowed to complain ;) When it comes to skirts I would love to only sew Hollyburns and Kellys and Brumbys, but well I don’t want to bore myself and everyone else and so I told myself that it was time for a fresh skirt pattern and I chose: Anémone. Anémone is a Deer&Doe pattern and seeing so many beautiful versions of it in the Internet made me want to try it. Continue reading

Magenta Brumby

img_20151230_163602Magenta always was my favourite watercolour colour. I had this watercolour boy for art lessons in school. It was a Pelican watercolour set and every kid in school had it. Some even had the extended version that contained colour like silver and gold. Well I hadn’t. And so I was always out of magenta because I used it a lot. Magenta was the only positive thing about the art lessons in school. I really suck at drawing and I am always amazed when people actually can draw. Like when I first saw Bob Ross. From one moment to the other the brownish area becomes a mountain, and I’m like ‘how on earth did he do that?’. Continue reading

Kelly in wild!

img_20151104_133057Do you know that situation were you told your grandma that you liked something and afterwards there won’t be a Christmas or birthday where you don’t get that exact thing from her as a present? Well, in that matter, I am my own grandma. There was I time when I thought that a could use one or two more skirts and recently I find myself sewing one skirt after the other in the moment. Continue reading


img_20150930_173627As already announced last week, I made another Deer&Doe Chardon Skirt. There is nothing much special about this skirt. Just 3 pleated rectangles sewn together. There isn’t even a lining included in the instructions. And as I already made one boring solid coloured version I thought that this time I needed to do something reeeeally fun! ;) So I started watching out for fabrics with wide stripes. Doesn’t seem like many people are looking for something like this because I didn’t find any. Continue reading

Audrey in Unst and Chardon

img_20150920_154113I#m really into blue at the moment. The fabrics I buy and work with are blue and the yarns I knit with are blue. I always thought that my favourite color was red or violet, something fresh and exciting, but know I’m somehow stuck with with boring blue. I remember that when I was in pre school my favourite color was blue. And then blue eye shadow got trendy and blue lots its appeal to me ;) There are still some shades of blue that I really dislike. Like royal blue. It reminds me of 90’s bathrooms. And of a German football club.. ;) Continue reading

Chataigne Skirt

img_20150426_132953As I already mentioned in my post on the Chataigne shorts, Deer&Doe offer a tutorial, showing how to turn the Chataigne Shorts into a skirt. I got interested in the pattern because I saw someone in the Internet wearing the skirt, so I actually bought the pattern with the intention of making myself a skirt out of it. And I had the perfect fabric in my stash. A bought it at a fabric flea market in Maastricht, which is in the Netherlands and a real paradise for fabric shoppers! I wanted to sew a blouse from the fabric but as I realized later the fabric has transparent stripes. Continue reading