Chataigne Number deux

img_20150607_185403Right before we went on vacation I realized that I just have nothing to wear! Ha! That obviously is a lie! However, I felt that my wardrobe missed shorts! And I only used the expensive Chataigne pattern from Deer&Doe once. Great reasons, amiright?! And I had another one! I had some leftovers from a skirt I sewed a while ago (I don’t even have this skirt anymore) that had stripes and I had just enough to make another Chataigne Shorts out of it! Yay! I wanted stripes because I loved their effect on my Chataigne Skirt (that reminds me that I don’t have a clue where that skirt is hiding in my closet..)Again I sewed size 38. Not because it fits me great, it is a little too tight, but because I didn’t feel it in my to copy the pattern another time in a bigger size, so there’s that.


I lengthened the legs as far as my small amount of fabric allowed me. I didn’t cut the waist band on fold fabric but aligned the lower edge of the band with the direction of the stripes, so that the stripes meet a the centre. Because of that I had to add seam allowance at the centre of the waist band piece.

img_20150607_185332 img_20150607_185343

Sewing the shorts was easy! The instructions are good and the back pockets are fake ;)

img_20150607_185319I wore the shorts a lot during my vacation. I also wore them when we travelled back and the zipper kinda broke when we made a toilet brake. First it wouldn’t go up, then it wouldn’t go down. I swore to myself to only buy zippers of high quality from now on, but when I fixed the issues after we got home I forgot my promise ;)

img_20150607_185452 img_20150607_185442

The waist band and pocket lining is made from the leftovers of a blouse I made. I didn’t have any matching fabric here so I took the one that was the least matching in my stash, ha! I hand attached the waistband to the pants. Normally I am a huge fan of stitching in the ditch, I don’t know what got me to do that by hand!

img_20150607_185258The Top is a Renfrew without sleeves. I finished the arm holes in the same way you finish the neckline.

Marvin took the pictures in Italy. I’m giving you the crazy eyes because the sun was so bright and I only opened them for a short instance when Marvin shouted to open them1 :D Yaaaa we’re a great and professional team :D


I am glad I already had the pictures, because I really cannot leave the apartment to take pictures today, because of that serious heat wave, that hit us here in Europe. It started on Wednesday, when I started working in my new job and travelling by train every day didn’t work out that great. But apart from that I had a great start, thank you for you kind wishes on that matter!

Have a nice day y’all!


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4 thoughts on “Chataigne Number deux

  1. Lisa

    These shorts are oh-so-cute! Love the way you have the stripes meet in the waistband. And the waistband and pocket lining fabrics are perfect! Glad to hear you’re off to a good start in your new job! Hope the heat wave passes soon. :)

  2. Carolyn

    Wow! Your shorts are so cute! I love the shape of them ,w ith a nice shaped yoke and pleats over the pockets. You look adorable in them!

  3. Joanna Kostrzewa

    I like the fabric you used and the shape of the shorts is really nice, I feel tempted to make a pair for myself although my legs are not fit for showing off. ^^
    Good luck on your new job!