img_20150802_185629Here’s another pattern I bought when there was this Thanks Giving/Black Friday/cyber Monday/Whatever huge sale over at Colette’s. Peony it is and it has been on my hard drive since then. I never found the right fabric for this dress Sale. When I didn’t work during June I went through my stash and I found a cotton-sateen fabric that I bought once to make a blouse from it, but I never did and I figured that this fabric would also be great a s a dress I don’t know what is going on with me. Maybe its my increasing age that makes me wanna have more white dresses. Few years ago I hated white. And I mostly wear back, I guess my metal girly days are really over now ;)


As I wanted to make a blouse from this fabric I only had 1,5 m but this was enough to make a Peony with sleeves! Isn’t that great? :) I had to line the dress though because you can even see the seam allowances through this dress.. You can just look just through this fabric, ugh!

img_20150802_184557 img_20150802_185915

As I completely lined the dress there was no need for any facings or something. The fabric I used is from ebay. I bought 15 m of it when I started sewing because the seller said it could be used as lining. But this fabric is just awful. It is thick and so loosely woven that it falls apart as soon as my scissors touch it. But it is white and I am always happy to get some of it out of my stash!I

img_20150802_185707 img_20150802_185825

Everything else went fine with this dress! It was quick and easy to sew. Great dress for beginners I think. There are , as usual, Lengthen/Shorten Lines in the patterns and the seam allowances are included. There are horizontal and vertical bust darts in the pattern as well as vertical back darts. The skirt front is gathered a little, but not much. The skirt is a separate pattern piece.

img_20150802_185933 img_20150802_185908

The cummerbund is not sewn to the dress it is an extra part that you can wear or not. The dress has in-seam pockets and an invisible zipper. I sewed size 2 and it fits me well.

img_20150802_185638 img_20150802_185848

I even sewed 2 cummerbunds, because the color of the first one was a little to dark it didn’t match 100 %, so I made another brighter one. When i look at the pictures I kin of like the dress without cummerbund best I think. And I am not sure if I am wearing the bund wrong, is it upside down? However the darker one matches my new cardigan, that I made for this dress better, so I’ll keep it. I’ll show you the cardigan another time.

img_20150802_185649 img_20150802_190105

That’s it with this dress! I am really unsure about those cummerbunds.. What do you think? Which one is better, or does the dress look better without one?


Have a nice day y’all!


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7 thoughts on “Peony

  1. Alexa

    This dress looks so good on you. I think the lighter cummerbund looks better. I love the look of the peony and I’ve had the pattern in my stash for a couple of years but I’ve never tried it as I find Collette patterns need so much fitting to get them to work for me.

  2. Joanna Kostrzewa

    I like your dress with a sash, it gives an accent. Waiting for the cardigan!
    I’m the same, I used to wear a lot of black in the past but for a few years now I got rid of almost all my black clothes, I think it stopped suiting me.

  3. Lisa

    Glad your ‘black, metal girly days’ are over as I’m loving all the great dresses you are making now! And they all look so lovely on you….. this one especially. Look forward to seeing the cardi. Have a nice day too! :)

  4. Caroline

    The dress looks more ‘dressy’ with a cumberband and I like both colours actually – maybe keep both and use the best one to match your accessories.
    The dress without the waistband looks more casual and free.
    Such a lovely little dress x

  5. Wendi

    I like it best with the cumberbund, but I think if you add the cardigan, the cumberbund won’t be needed.
    It’s lovely on you. I wouldn’t go back to the black days either if I had the beautiful wardrobe that you pave made for herself. And you make me want to wear dresses all the time, yours are so pretty.